Are Sunday Menu threads not a thing?

on 6/19/22 6:31 am - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

I took a Breuer look back- didn't see Sunday menu posts. Ya'll must take this day of rest this literally, haha.

I'm an early bird so I'll ramble for a bit. I'm somber this morning because a firefighter died. (I work for the firefighter's union- he was a member of our local.) three others are hurt. It will be a rough week.

I have NO plans for today. I'm happy that I handed in my capstone paper early- no cramming for me today. And I'm off school till August.

meals today:

egg/egg white, sausage crumble, cinnamon toast

Jelly Donut (father's days 'breakfast' in bed)

BBQ left overs- chicken leg grilled veggies and corn on the cob

I'll try and get in a protein shake to too

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on 6/19/22 7:02 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Weekends are a little loose with sundays being the loosest, lol. Since QJB has been so busy with work, it's very much a whoever wants/is online earliest starts any of the daily threads! Happy you are back and jumping in!

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on 6/19/22 8:53 am
RNY on 10/29/19

Happy Father's day to all the people dads, dog dads, cat dads, neighborhood know. If you are mentoring or raising another being, and the shoe fits, here's to you! It's a beautiful day in San Diego. And I have zero plans. I don't even have to cook today as Rog is taking his first solo run at smoking on the Traeger. Beef ribs are in my future!

I'm dressed to go get a walk in. Will I do it? Not looking real positive right now. I'm organized to go over to my dad's tomorrow in AZ. Bought a cooler full of stuff to take him and prep lots of meals for his freezer. It will keep me busy and I love to feed him.


B: swedish meatballs and cottage cheese

L: deli turkey and cheddar cheese

D: beef rib, 1/4 corn on the cob, spoonful of baked beans. Half a homemade cheddar and chive scone the neighbor sent over.

Peace Everybody!

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