What's on your (photo) Friday Menu?

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RNY on 02/14/18

Good early Friday morning! We made it through the week, yay us!!

I planned to get up early because I'm going to drive a bit east to see if I can get some pix of the mercury, venus, mars, Jupiter, Saturn alignment around 4 this morning, but I have to be honest 1:30 was a bit earlier than planned. I get grumpy if I try to force myself to stay in bed once I'm awake though so up I am. I'll play my online games, finish the book I'm reading and then head out, I think.

Other than my little astro-photography adventure, not much planned, a light day at work, I have to get ready for some interview panels next week too, this weekend should be low key too -- a workout with my trainer and a toddler birthday party are the big items. I will finish Obi-Wan too and there's a new series called the Great American Recipe that starts on PBS that I want to check out, plus two weeks worth of laundry to do -- folding while watching tv will make it less of a chore! I also have to get a couple of my boxing workouts in so I don't break my 12 week streak and switch my bedding to the summer configuration (lighter sheets, one flannel blanket, weighted blanket and quilt).

QOTD - What's a compliment that you have received that you still think about? I was working on a project years ago and the during one of the updates the project manager told me I was a good human and she really liked working with me because of it. I thought that was the both the most amazing compliment and also the price of admission, now I try to do things in a way that lets me keep my good human status (and I also look for the good human in others as much as I can). It was a little thing but I think it's been foundational!

menu today is a bit solid, a bit up in the air

all the coffee, all of it!

PB raisin toast

cheese and pepperoni

I think dinner will be polish sausage or maybe something else if I go to the store

built bar

glass of wine

Have a wonderful friday, everyone, and a terrific weekend!

whoops, forgot my photo friday offerings! These are some older pictures I came across cleaning up my phone the other day (decided I didn't need all those 2014 boarding passes or the even earlier articles I took pictures of to read later, lol).

one is the *****ly pear blooming in my backyard in AZ and one is an owl photo I took in Tasmania

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Melody P.
on 6/24/22 2:07 am - TX

Good mornin Jen and everyone.

I'm feeling better this morning, thank goodness. Not 100% but a lot better.

We have to get groceries today. We went and got some stuff the kids like yesterday but didn't have time to get things for ourselves. We also need pet food.

Not much else planned. We are going to get rid of a lot of toys that the kids don't play with anymore. If they indeed need to stay with us a while we'll need to get a shelf out of there to make room for the extra twin bed. I'm exhausted so it'll be a long weekend. Throw in a few soccer games and yay...LOL. It is at least the last weekend of games.

QOTD: hmmm...just knowing I matter I guess. I lack self confidence...by a lot. Thinking that I don't make a difference...

B: JUST egg cup

L: prob chicken nuggets and a cup of fruit

D: ???

S: PP shake, 1oz tortilla chips(or less), ???

I tried a different cartoon filer app for pics. The last one is my favorite one.

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RNY on 02/14/18

incredible pictures!

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RNY on 08/11/14

Amazing pics!

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RNY on 06/26/17

The sunset pic ...wow!

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RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

I think we have yet another hot day in store, so I'll go out biking or walking this morning. Getting at least an hour or so of exercise every day is the only way I can eat the minimum number of calories my body & brain seem to want without my weight heading north, so I do it - plus it's good for my health to boot.

I found out yesterday that yet another friend received devastating health news (stage 4 pancreatic cancer). I swear I have lost about half my close friends from childhood up through college (although I met this person when I started working full-time when I was in my 20s). I know this is probably not uncommon for people in their 60s, and it'll only get worse the older I get - but wow. Very upsetting. And I'm sure it's absolutely devastating for him. Can you even imagine getting that kind of news?? That is my biggest fear...

QOTD: I'm having a hard time thinking of anything recent, but I had a boss once tell me during a performance review that I never speak ill of anyone. That's not entirely true - but I'm careful whom I say things to. But I do remember that compliment - esp when I've spoken ill of someone. Then it makes me feel kind of bad because I'm not living up to my reputation!

B: plain skyr with some kind of fruit compote (I have blackberry/blueberry and cranberry/cherry in the fridge). Coffee with half & half

MS: protein shake

L: Costco sweet kale salad and a couple of Babybel cheese thingies

AS: vanilla Greek yogurt with fresh raspberries

D: well, I'd planned on making pulled pork, but DH is talking about going somewhere for Chinese food with his mother. Not sure if I'll join them or not if they go, because I can't really afford another restaurant meal right now. Too many lately - I need to get rid of these couple of lbs I've put on recently.

DH took this picture last night of two of our cats. These two are buds.

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

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RNY on 02/14/18

cute cats!

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RNY on 08/11/14

Cute babies and sorry about the news on your friend.

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RNY on 08/29/18

I read once that people kind of go through ages where mortality is higher. I remember reading that if you get through your mid 60's you tend to be good until your late 70's. There was no cited science, so I don't know if its true or not, but it would make sense if cancer tends to strike in 50's/60's vs. other diseases.

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on 6/24/22 5:07 am

Hi all

i have no pictures, coffee is still kicking in...

QOTD: someone told me i had a mellifluous speaking voice. i thought that was nice

food today will a mixture of leftovers from last nights dinner which was stir fry veggies with shiritaki noodles. I will have to add eggs or some kind of protein

b: coffee/ almond milk-eggs/cheese

s: latte (matcha)

l: leftovers

d: unsure but something at the house

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