Small bowel obstruction

on 7/6/22 2:15 am - Cleveland, TN

Has anyone here ever experienced any small bowel obstruction?
if so, what was your experience?
Thanks in advance for sharing

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on 7/6/22 4:22 am

I haven't had a bowel obstruction but I did have a twisted bowel. I was in pain and had emergency surgery. they also fixed a hernia while they were in there. The surgeon told me the twisted bowel was an emergency and could have led to death so it was handled very quickly.

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on 7/7/22 1:54 pm
VSG on 05/18/22

I did at 4 days PO. I was in the ER because I could feel the obstruction blocking. They did an enema which didn't work. Next plan was to try a glycerin suppository. But since I was in so much pain, they opted to skip that & go the most drastic way. That was do a soap enema. TMI ahead. They take a bag that looks like of like an IV bag with an opening on top & tube out the bottom. Poor warm saline water mixed with soap in the bag & up the tube goes in your bum. And they fill you with the entire bag of fluid. Very painful to be honest. But since my bowels had not perforated at that point, they didn't want to do surgery to manually remove yet. This worked! After about 30 minutes, I was able to clear it all with no pain, thankfully. I left like a new person afterwards! Now I do whatever I can to prevent constipation.

Good luck! Feel better quickly!