What's up for Tuesday menu peeps!!

Amy Liz
on 8/2/22 5:33 am, edited 8/2/22 5:39 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Good morning - Tuesday is better than Monday for sure! Busy day yesterday and another today. I have two meetings and a training today then I'm leaving early. It's my kiddos birthday - 28! He is coming over to hang a bit then we are going out for crab/lobster. I can't wait to have butter dripping down my chin on to my bib! Heaven. I'm sure I will sleep well tonight.

I can't believe it took me so long to get on the Stranger Things band wagon. I'm loving it so far. Not much else on TV lately. The hubs is counting down the days to Football - it's a fun time of year - Rob is at his happiest and I suddenly have a lot more free time to myself, lol!

QOTD - What is one item on your bucket list?? I have many, but the one I dream about most is retirement and RVing across America for a year! So many places to see and FOOD, it's really all about the food!

Accountability - awesome

b- coffee, egg bites

l-chicken taco salad

d-crab and lobster

e - 30 minutes treadmill, 20 min resistance, 10 minutes stretching - DONE

Have a fabulous day!

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RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

hot and humid weather is coming again this afternoon, so I'll probably get out on my bike this morning. I have a Zoom meeting at 1:30, but that's the only thing scheduled. I should probably take my mom out today or tomorrow. She's indicated to my sister that she's depressed (although she scoffed at my sister's suggestion that she should let her PCP know as maybe she (the PCP) could prescribe an antidepressant), but my mom has never said anything to me about her situation. Odd. But then, she's always been closer to my sister. I think I remind my mother too much of her ex-husband (i.e., my father). Not my fault, but...

QOTD: A few months ago I decided I wanted to visit all the places where my great grandparents were born (they were all born in Europe) before I die. So...that's the big bucket list item at the moment. I managed to knock two of these out when I was in Scotland a couple of weeks ago. I'm tentatively planning a trip to Sweden for next summer with my second cousin who lives in Chicago, so that'll knock out four more. Then we have Romania for the final two. Hopefully this'll all work out!

B: protein oatmeal with 1/2 C plain skyr and 1/2 C fresh blueberries. Coffee with half & half.

MS: protein shake

L: cheesecake-flavored yogurt pie topped with fruit compote

AS: skyr with strawberry compote

D: a neighbor brought me a bunch of kale last night, so I may make this recipe I saw in the New York Times (kale, marina sauce, a couple cans of chickpeas, and various herbs). The recipe includes the marinara sauce (as in, not bottled sauce), and I always make my own anyway, so...

have a great day, everyone!

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

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Amy Liz
on 8/2/22 8:24 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Sweden sounds great!

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on 8/2/22 6:38 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Amy that is a great meme! At least it's Tuesday and not Monday, you are right! Enjoy your afternoon with your son and happy 28 to him!

QOTD - my next bucket list thing that I am checking off is all 50 states, I have rescheduled my jinxed trip to Maine for Labor Day weekend and so by September I will have them all checked off!

I did my follow up antigen test today to see if I could leave isolation and was positive in seconds so based on the latest guidance I found (latest being from yesterday), I"m now in quarantine for the full 10 days which ends Friday so I'll test again then. I'm supposed to go to a 70s party on Saturday but obviously that's TBD at this point, I don't want to make anyone sick but hoping I can go, I have a great outfit, lol.

I do have a menu today, trying to get back to "normal" and I did the elliptical yesterday and will again today, along with one of the shorter boxing sequences I think.

coffee plus half and half X 2


English muffin with PB

Taco fixings

tatziki with cucumbers


Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!

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on 8/2/22 7:00 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Sorry you're still in quarantine! Sounds like you're feeling better though.

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on 8/2/22 1:48 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

Yes, definitely on the mend!

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Amy Liz
on 8/2/22 8:26 am, edited 8/2/22 1:37 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Sorry to hear your still testing positive. Regardless of whether you get to go to the 70's party, PLEASE post a pic! My dad has been to all 50 states! He was very proud of that.

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on 8/2/22 1:50 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

I have to be negative by Saturday...both my teen nieces have approved my 70s garb, that's how good it is. (Although, to be fair to the girls, they are incredibly positive and supportive fashion advisors no matter what the outfit is....even when they are telling me "no" they are positive about it, lol).

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on 8/2/22 9:39 am
RNY on 08/11/14

Sorry you still having to stay in quarantine. Continue to take good care of yourself.

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on 8/2/22 1:51 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

I am! Although this morning I was looking in the mirror thinking I should not have these bags under my eyes when I have been sleeping 6 or more hours every night!!

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150