5 bites Vs low carb

on 9/6/22 8:14 am
I’m so confused! I don’t know if I should eat 5-6 bites 5 times a day OR go to low carb???
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White Dove
on 9/6/22 12:02 pm - Warren, OH

Eat 10 calories per day for each pound you want to maintain. Like 1300 calories to maintain 130 pounds. Less to lose. More to gain.

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on 9/6/22 12:31 pm, edited 9/6/22 6:31 am

I pretty much choose low fat, fresh and high fiber foods whenever possible- and then do the five bites thing.

I got down to 19-20-21 BMI pretty quickly ( granted I was a lightweight to begin with and never liked fat)

I find pretty much daily exercise also helps both to keep me away from excess food temptation but also helps to tighten my body and keeps me young and healthy

Bariatric surgeons and their nutritionists recommend we make protein choices first in order to feel full until the next meal .

For me those are often vegetarian but complete such as beans with rice or corn or fat free cheese, or dairy choices such as fat free cottage cheese , cold cuts ( which are mostly fat free) or very lean cuts of meat like pork loin or chicken breast or shrimp or scallops.

Many folks on here choose to use regular half and half and eat some " real " cheese and maybe even real butter...in the honeymoon rapidly losing stage perhaps you can get away with it or if you count calories.

I personally thank God I don't have a taste for fats because fried foods have to be a huge temptation and ( I suspect) many " failures " downfall.

Remember the six week rule too - you don't eat something for six weeks you won't crave it anymore .

Good luck and congratulations on your weight loss until now !

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