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on 9/8/22 5:29 am, edited 9/8/22 11:14 am

Good Morning!

Just have a minute to post as in the next hour before I get picked up for the airport I need to walk to the bank for tips then pack my still drying clothes from last nite yikes?

b- mole chicken breast beans salsa papaya watermelon cafe con leche

l-leftover ceviche in fridge fresh rolls


exercise walking gigantic Dallas airport

I too am feeling very weird about everything. I have to have some very serious conversations about financial matters immediately with several people when I return and expect blowback and possible lack of cooperation yikes DEFINITELY not my thing but very necessary and I need to pull up my big girl panties and get down to business.

This includes filling out and notarizing and sending in the reverse mortgage application and a refinance one and another one and seeing what comes back.

I also need to seriously consider selling my home while the markets hot and would be buyers are leaving notes on my door . Anything?s possible and there will be a next chapter.

S- ate some sugary stuff packing and at the airport-my theory is if it?s in the morning you burn it off. Gelato is my downfall :)

L- smoked ham sandwich no mayo

My answer to yesterday's question is Ken Follett and some fantasy/ technological dude from California who writes giant books about stuff like virtual worlds and crypto mining and currencies free of countries ... fascinating stuff that quickly comes true . Wish I could remember his name I eat up his books. Other than that I barely have time to keep up with Asian and Western economic news and literal baby books to try to improve my barely understandable Mandarin.(which I will be actually using in China in February!)

My short answer to todays question is I met John Holmes at a party just before he died of AIDS and he asked me to hang out ... he was a cool guy like most celebrities .

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