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on 9/14/22 3:45 am

Good Morning!

I'm finally waking up on time with enough energy I hope to drive the hour plus to eight AM class park and get there on time before the model lol .... At least I'm trying it for the first time today .

Other than the exhaustion problem ( and not having enough time or strength to attend to essential business- not good ) I'm having a great time :) . Half- fired my verbally abusive and thieving caregiver and feel like a load has been lifted off ( but have yet to find her replacement negotiate a contract get her medically approved for payment etc)

Here are the pics I promised yesterday - but first food -

b- insides of apricot tart and Yasso low fat yogurt bar on drive

s- fat free feta cheese on Greek salad w grape leaves n fat free dressing

l - pork carnitas wrap from Trader Joe's just the insides

d- tbd

have a great day everyone!

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