Photo Friday Menu n Exercise

on 9/16/22 10:54 am

Good Afternoon!

Yesterdays doc visit went very well which is a good thing because I'm thoroughly sick of being valiant. Also of wasting endless precious time problem solving ... yet they keep coming ...

Todays plan- change into garbage clothes and pick up garbage in house ? stack up personal things take garbage to curb for pick up tomorrow morning water plants design landscape maybe call engineer surveyor go to DEP then town of Brookhaven regarding rebuilding bulkhead project - now you see where this is going.

Rather than happy pretend homeless person ... I mebbe have to deal with officialdom , look n talk respectable ... Grrr....Spent morning dealing with ( very nice ) insurance guy - isn't that enough ?

Exercise so far - 17 wall pushups . Hoping to weed whack and spray paint front porch furniture while watering and finishing planting containers for back deck .

This is fun for me offices and paperwork are NOT .

A few pics of what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

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