Saturday Menu and Excercise in Isolation ( Why?)

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Good Morning Menuers!

This is actually a very sad meme for me right now because , predictably, when you try do everything right you forget one thing and it goes disastrously wrong ?

Yesterday after a long drive out from the City ( and no food or drink so no pee pee in car) I forgot to feed and water the cats.
Normally I do that first thing in the morning or on arrival and then not at all so I can get them back in in the evening so they?re safe inside at night .

Well I forgot I hadn?t fed or watered ( I?m human) and my friendlier cat, Tilly , decided to accost the many passerby on the jogging path that abuts my home I suspect - one of whom I?m sure scooped her up .

I?ve been calling all night - I posted on Next Door and Facebook and beyond that I?ll start calling the shelters and a pet finder service in the morning . I?m praying I find her and they haven?t stolen her because she?s a beautiful breeding age Persian. ( I said she was mixed breed on the lost sites) .

Obviously she?s locked up or she would have found her way home. I?m worried sick .

B- 1/2 egg salad sandwich , tea latte sf ff fruit ( raspberries and plums and apples from garden )

s - cantaloupe , German fruit tart

L- maybe linguine w clam sauce and fish francaise

D- Fresh chicken soup of some sort maybe Tom Ka Gai fat free n homemade Salad w ff dressing

exercise - going to make like ServPro all day finally remedying the animal and people caused damage :) .
If any energy left over - would like to tour a marina up for bankruptcy auction soon just to learn honestly - and bushwhack and sweep off the dock - and clip privet hedge grown over my head lol.

Finish painting porch furniture too before someone steals it . One day only to do this all - tomorrow's Ecorche in the city !

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If you're wondering why you can't participate in the daily menu thread it is because the few people who start it regularly know that it is you Ava even though you have had different usernames the way you write your posts are the give away. And it's not that they don't like you it's the drama that at times comes from your posts and they just don't want to have to deal with it. I know one of the participants was very hurt by some stuff you posted a couple of years ago.

I am glad you found your kitty. Here in the Northeast corner of CT there are been so many missing cats and dogs in the last two months. Some of the dogs I think are being stolen from peoples yards to be used for dog fighting.

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Actually I would LOVE to see this so-called hurtful post .

I?ve never posted anything mean anywhere -nor replied personally to any mean comments so this accusation is either totally exaggerated or the person deliberately made it up for reasons of their own ( usually misplaced jealousy) or it?s the proverbial tempest in a teapot .

In any case I don?t want us to be like most Italian families I know where this relative doesn?t talk to that relative for years on end ? they can?t be invited to the same events ( imagine Christmas and christenings and funerals ! ) and LITERALLY no one remembers what the original issue was so no one can fix it .

As far as I?m concerned this is idiotic behavior ( not to mention spiteful and childish )

THESE two people get up EVERY morning super early to post first and block me - they have to do it every single day - you draw the conclusions.

Ive never said ? Boo? to either one of them ( or anything about either one of them) except to like a few of their art and decorating projects . If that?s offensive please shoot me now.

on OH we are challenged with particularly jealousy causing issues - some of us can accept our present weight and bodies some still feel they were ? robbed? and watching someone else ? get? and ? keep ? something that individuals might be working and self disciplining very hard for must be emotionally difficult on some level.

Also many of us gave up on certain dreams ( including myself for most of my life ) because I felt my weight struggles would keep me from achieving success . I can imagine that that memory and current reality still rankles for some posters .

What they don?t see is that it?s just a different set of problems . Yes, I?m much happier trying to achieve my long held dreams but ? it?s expensive, it?s a huge sacrifice time and energy wise and there?s STILL no guarantee whatsoever of success . A lot of pressure and stress - perhaps for nothing .

The thing is these censorious actions never work . They draw more not less attention to the person the other person wants limited.

There are ways not to see posts ( like skipping over them just like everyone skips over the repetitive or boring parts of others? )

Blocking a person every day from posting on a thread is a different action entirely and in my opinion is socially aggressive.

Now I wouldn't be surprised if one or both complained after singling ME out and identifying themselves doing so for all the world to see ...

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