What's on your Sunday menu?

Melody P.
on 9/25/22 5:00 am - TX

good Sunday mornin everyone! Hope you've been enjoying your weekend!

I am a nervous wreck about tomorrow. I really wish I handled this stuff better. We have to leave the house around 5:30 to 6 to get to my appointment at 9:30. The city is a 121 miles away at about two hours away if perfect traffic. The bad thing about where it's at is it is just a few blocks from Texas Tech University. I'm sure we'll get there fine though...we're just not used to the heavy traffic. Wish me luck tomorrow as I feel I need it!

Soccer games today and my brother needs the key to our house so he can come by and let the dogs out before he goes to work at around 11 tomorrow.

QOTD: what is your favorite thing about the fall season?

Mine is the first freeze. It usually kills the flies or at least a lot of them and then because it starts helping with the weeds and in turn helps allergies die down a bit.

Food is totally crazy today but also pretty sparsely planned.

on 9/25/22 6:29 am
RNY on 06/03/15


it's cold outside and it's supposed to rain off and on this morning - so no walking or biking for me. I may try a virtual hardcore cardio class (sponsored by my gym - they're also doing it live at one of the branches). I wouldn't go in person to one of these until I was pretty sure I could do it. But virtual - yes. I can do it slower - or exit the session if it's just not *me*. If this doesn't work for me, I'll just do some dance cardio video. Or go to the gym later and do the elliptical machine. But I need to do SOMETHING because I blew it food-wise yesterday. So today I'll be exercising and STICKING TO MY FOOD PLAN!

I got up early and made matzo balls and pumpkin/cranberry muffins (I use fake sugar and used some extra pumpkin plus some unsweetened applesauce for the fat - plus added protein powder - so macros and calories are good)

QOTD: the food - pumpkin, apples, pears, maple flavoring, cranberries, and the spices. I don't like the colder weather and the shorter days, though. It's a reminder that winter is coming. UGH.

B: plain skyr topped with strawberry compote, coffee with half & half.

MS: if needed, lime Greek yogurt with raspberries

L: salad (power greens, 1/2 diced peach, chicken breast, light Asian dressing)

AS: pumpkin/cranberry muffin or chocolate "mousse" with raspberries and light Cool Whip

D: chickpea/miso spread and a tomato slice on 35-calorie bread. Maybe some veggies, too.

have a great day, everyone!

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

HW: 373 SW: 316 GW: 150 LW: 138 CW: 163

on 9/25/22 7:48 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Good morning weekend menuers!

Definitely wishing you luck tomorrow. City traffic patterns are no fun, even if you're used to them. And hopefully your appointment goes well.

I was up and out early this morning for shopping. It feels like I've transitioned back into being an in-store shopper a bit since there are plenty of items that aren't available for pick-up that I'm interested in. I got ingredients for several recipes along with several thousand steps in. Love the low foot traffic that comes with 6am on Sundays.

The last two hours have included a lot of cooking. In the spirit of fall, I have a keto-inspired stew on with mushrooms, carrots, a bit of onion and tons of flavor. I might add spinach to finish just because. There's also a protein bake with kale (to get rid of it), ground turkey, several cheeses, eggs, and cottage cheese. I've been craving shrimp ****tail but the ingredients in pre-made sauces are horrible, so I made my own spicy sauce today. Can't wait to try it with shrimp later this week. There were also some marked down ($3!) fresh Ahi tuna steaks, so they're marinating right now to be seared later. Only other thing left today are air fryer Shiitake mushrooms. The tofu will have to wait since there was surprise tuna and stew. Feels like I'm making up for my cooking apathy yesterday. This is all going to take so much time to work through.

If I get in my exercise and at least a load of laundry and vacuuming today, I'll call it a success. No outdoor stuff today outside of maybe one load of stuff for the fire pit. And trash.

QOTD - So many things! Fall is my favorite season, especially once the clocks go back. I love the smell of pine forests in the cold. Camping with a fire pit and silver turtles. Hiking. Watching the birds migrate. And yep, the frost that starts taking out the bugs and mosquitoes. My biggest dislike is hunting season. Everyone around here hunts and I don't feel safe meandering off into the woods without day-glo safety colors on.

Accountability- Great! I still sometimes sub things on my planned menu but it's stuff on my allowed list unless otherwise noted. Still working on salt and trying to get the scale moving again!



Two eggs scrambled with cheese, spinach and herbs

Seared Ahi tuna steak with steamed zucchini

Yogurt and seaweed

Have an excellent Sunday, everyone!

282 at referral, 280 at consult, 249 on 7/15 for SADI surgery

Loss: Pre-op-33, M1-12, M2-17, M3-14, M4-11

Today's weight: 187.2

on 9/25/22 3:16 pm - Ft Myers, FL
RNY on 06/07/21

QOTD. My favorite thing about fall is the drop in humidity. It can be quite sudden but it comes with increased noise. Heavy humidity dampens sound transmission. When I start to hear more traffic noise, I know fall is here.

I worked today, we are preparing for the hurricane should it hit. So much to get done although current track doesn't have a direct hit for south Florida. I don't have anything to do at home as I stayed prepared all year long

Menu. Breakfast protein shake and grapes. Lunch was a frozen meal of riced califlower, veggies and chicken. Snack was a tangerine. Dinner is pot roast with carrots.

Melody, I am wishing you smooth sailing for your trip tomorrow! Be safe above all.

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