Tuesday Menu n Activities/Exercise

on 10/4/22 7:00 am

Good Morning Menuers!

It's literally been raining nonstop here for five days and ( i bought another tiny kitten to keep the first one company ) I have been occupied with butt-washing, gentle combing and petting and cuddling these little ankle biters.

My top heavy statue swung and fell off the stand fir the second time last night ... Im not sure its salvageable to be honest and im also not sure its smart to sacrifice these next two weeks ( last days with the model) and possibly lose my tenants over the winter .

Today is my first day with Chiropractic and athletic PT . The shot sites where I received help in my seizing neck and shoulder muscles last week that immediately allowed me to stand / sit up straight are still very sore when massaged.....theres always a price for everything right ?

B- egg beaters w ff half n half n freeze dried butter solids- toast , sweet potato fries sugar free ff hot chocolate

S- fruit ( i eat as much of it as i can - goes down much easier as a smoothie - too bad i have no ice )

l- tbd

d- probably two large hot soups from pret a manger ( chicken w turmeric and lentil are favorites)

late night snack - air popped popcorn or salad

pics are of my statue before the fall ...

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