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on 11/9/22 2:51 pm, edited 11/9/22 2:58 pm

Good afternoon Menuers!

Ive been dealing with being directly in the path of this hurricane.

Our entire barrier island was force- evacuated and my Parents building is shutting down all services at sundown including inexplicably since they have a building sized backup generator , ac electric and water service so the key fobs to enter the building wont even work ! Idiots

Im back in my apartment which mainly faces the lagoon so im not getting nearly as much wind or pressurized water Thank God .

I took my lighter pots and rugs in but i did lose one rug while at the rents dealing with a little man emergency.

Had to reschedule the All important Long Island inspection ( still praying ) because FOUR flights were canceled and three airports shut down grrr. Well maybe its a good thing the plane didnt crash on takeoff...

So i guess Im stuck in Florida at least till Sunday since the inspection cant be done before early next week . Organizing cleaning and adding flowering plants to the window boxes that line my main balconies .

The succulents made it five months without a single watering as did most of the crape myrtles and purple passion, mexican oregano and desert rose plants so the garden looks ok but I like it luxuriant lol. Orchids are amazing too - getting ready to bloom despite rampant neglect.

Body looks good in a bathing suit - no beach or pool access now but thinking of getting in the hot tub/spa with a wine n soda ?

Have a good storm yall - stay safe !
b- nothing too busy getting ready to fly at 6:30 am then 9:45 then 1:30 driving to Fort Lauderdale.
l- chicken tortilla soup empanada fillings chicken n beef , egg roll filling

d- home baked fat tree jalapeno cheddar cornbread muffin and chocolate chip kodiak muffin with truvia brown sugar streusel on top - less sugar anyway .
tea latte w frangelico n vodka ( bored).

CANT !WONT ! I REFUSE to keep drinking like this !!!!

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