Thursday Menu n Exercise

on 11/10/22 12:53 am, edited 11/10/22 5:32 am

Happy Thursday Menuers !

The hurricane or tropical storm now is still raging It tried to blow some Adirondack chairs off the ( quiet usually windless deck about an hour ago )

Today should be fun ..Dad asked me to help Mom unpack her 99 purses and 500 blouses and organize them in her walk in with the caveat that I try to get her to donate as many as shes willing to .

OK but when I offered to buy some six on a hanger organizing hangers from Walmart ( theyre great btw for shameless clothes collectors like me) he went ballistic Nothing comes in here without my say so youre shoving things down my throat blah blah blah

He did the same thing yesterday when i purchased lunch while i was buying them fresh drinking water to the point I almost threw it away ( wanted to throw it AT him honestly ! )

I know guys get grumpier with age and Im lucky to have them both around and thriving but

Apartment is slowly getting seriously nice .. I want to exercise so bad theres a great new gym in their building with first class machines maybe Ill try that or hot yoga this morning.

Accountability- made lowfat cheese fondue last nite w Ff Alfredo sauce mix ff half n half butter popcorn seasoning ( ff) and peppered nabulse cheese ( Arabic fresh string cheese quite lowfat like mozzarella and most fresh cheeses) and ate that with toast . Usual three to five bite capacity.

b- ff fluffy scrambled egg whites w butter popcorn seasoning n ff half n half homemade corn muffin w cheese ( ff) ff sf tea latte ( no booze ! )

l- already made during two hour fruitless call w ATT tech support last nite still no wifi no tv though i pay for it - homemade meat sauce , ff ricotta w pesto , cheese fondue - will make lasagna for lunch probably w veggies fresh basil and ff mozzarella added.
Am not baking a THING for that utterly ungrateful man lol! Let him eat packaged cookies :)

d- probably cold cut rollups and delicious expensive tea I gave as a welcome to your newly renovated apartment gift w tea balls and porcelain mugs w tops to keep the tea warm and maybe salad .

s - air popped popcorn w raisins and NO BOOZE!!!

on 11/10/22 3:01 am
RNY on 02/14/18

You've mentioned a few times you struggle with your drinking; good job on no alcohol yesterday and good luck to you to keep it going.

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on 11/10/22 5:48 am

Thanks for the good wishes PP !

Yes booze hasnt been my friend since my Bariatric surgery twelve years past .

I actually never drank before I had food withdrawals right after surgery and discovered i could self medicate extremely effectively with wine and liquor in my coffee .

I didnt seem to be drinking That Much and calorie wise I thought I was ok ... but it turned into a daily thing and eventually with Covid depression and boredom an all- day often all nite binge.

Booze dramatically affected my happiness and willingness/ enthusiasm to exercise and work ... my productivity dropped off dramatically.

Thanks to booze I looked twenty years older bloated and ashamed of myself and did not work on achieving the lifelong dreams I hold so dear and which I think surgery and good health give me a chance to achieve belatedly.

Booze made me hide from life and robbed me of my vital life force and determination. Its not worth it !

I was sober for almost six months after my serious health scare and i fell briefly ... its time to drink up the remainder or give it away and get on with living life to the fullest !

I promised God too in the hospital looking at a metastatic brain cancer and deadly pancreatic cancer diagnosis that if He/ She gave me a second chance I would NOT waste my precious allotted time anymore nor waste my talent .... Its time to s...or get off the pot lol

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