Friday Menu Crying and Exercise

on 11/11/22 4:31 am

Happy Friday Menuers!

Im going to start to reveal about a Very difficult topic whose proof I discovered yesterday .

Its very emotional for me to see that the very real fact that my Parents mean to be leaving me forced to shoplift as an oldster to survive or relying on food pantries or God Forbid welfare ...after everything Ive sacrificed for them on a DAILY basis ... that I did for my childless Great Aunts and Uncles too only to recieve literally not a penny they painstakingly set aside for me only to leave it in my utterly selfish and unbelievably uncaring Parents hands ... based on utter reputation destroying 100% lies that i was crazy or a drug addict repeating itself .

i will temporarily leave off this topic because I dont want to drink and cry all day ... but its unfortunately very real and extremely hurtful.... And Legal ... which means clever self aggrandizing lawyers have been legally authorized to rob me for a lifetime via a " bypass trust " and then the money i cant access will go to my Fathers abusive alma mater to build nice homes for the dix in authority while his caring daughter lies in a paupers grave ....

b- rotisserie chicken breast w piri piri sauce ( cold you notice all the extra fat thats been injected into the bird ... more like a confit than plain meat grrr...

ff sf chai tea latte ff homemade jalapeno cheddar cornbread muffin

walk on the beach finally

l dk

d - dk

dont feel like making ANY effort for the rents but have to finish organizing my Moms dressing room .

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