Saturday Menu n Exercise

on 11/12/22 4:23 am, edited 11/12/22 4:28 am

Happy Weekend Menuers !

Well things arent looking so bad today.

True my Dads will ( which of course i read given a chance considering the man has literally never passed on a dime of my inheritance entrusted to him nor paid for my education despite years of promises ( nor even ever bought me a TOY or school clothes) and considering the LAST will ( continued in this 2015 one ) bypassed me and gave everything to his school and brother as does this updated one should and does make me frustrated and angry especially considering how much time Ive sacrificed to help him and my Mom and expense and ongoing ..

I just feel itll work out in the end .

My Mom is on my side Thank God though hes had her diagnosed with dementia legally last summer and he says he doesnt want what his will clearly specifies ( written by the best trust lawyers in Florida too who as executors stand to benefit hugely when it comes into effect )

Well hes always lied about everything especially to my trusting Mom so thats no surprise either .

What bothers me is the unjustified hate and utter ingratitude and unfairness but its a human quality. ..why am i excluded ( and Still almost a Year later) from the main thread ? )

Anyway it makes me even more determined to get on with my life and be more selfish and vocal - for ME.

If I dont prioritize myself and my future clearly no one else intends to .

Long sunrise walk on the beach maybe three miles in the sand bikini ( and ten layers of sunscreen ) clad

b- pumpkin spice kodiak muffins w truvia brown sugar cinnamon streusel

s- tom ka gai Thai chicken coconut soup ( the real thing)

l- leftover red curry shrimp oil free from Thai restaurant yesterday

s- ice milk bars

popcorn n raisins

d- homemade squash yucca pumpkin soup creamy but fat free

activities- Ikea warehouse auction ( AM) estate viewing and auction ( night) looking for antique Handmade Persian rugs for rents apartment?

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