Sunday Menu n Exercise

on 11/13/22 6:03 am

Happy Sunday Menuers !

Well all the booze is out of the house now its up to me to say no to buying more . It did make me look a lot older .

Bikini beach walk again this morning hopefully a dip in the beautiful sal****er and then grocery shopping picking up plants to fill out the balcony gardens and more organizing n cleaning.

Im really enjoying my beautiful apartment and even cooking for and eating with the rents ...its nice to spend time together and Thank God my Mothers memory issues seem to be improving slightly.

Will work on getting estimates for lighting work and painting and also a summer piped slipcover for my sofa and chair .

I like to have contrasting decoration for fall/ winter and spring/ summer - velvets and silks for winter pretty light cotton prints and rugs for the rest . Rugs are easy to switch up just rest one on top of the other ...

I promised the neighbors a little party when i get my Christmas lights up ... so I need to get a move on :)

b- beans w ham hocks from freezer

l- hopefully Dad will spring for Chinese buffet this is by far the best day freshness wise but its crowded

d-toast w jam n cheese at the rents , salad w ff dressing

s- popcorn w raisins air popped , ice milk bar

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