Friday Menu n Activities

on 11/17/22 11:05 pm, edited 11/17/22 11:10 pm

Hi guys n grrlz !

Third day stuck no bath im dying 2 get home . Worked all day cleaning but couldnt face the ****in-bags toilet situation created by the squatters. So shoot me .

Banks own appraiser says theyre denying His Totally Independent Appraisal!!!! They wont let him give the total for land value they want a total for the condemned House when tidal waters literally bathe the corner of said home EVERY DAY.

My Father says im Nutz to continue beating my head against the wall with this property. He may be actually right once in his life though all he wants is more of my time .

b- chai tea latte w sugared vodka yep im still cleaning and polishing to avoid a ten thousand dollar bill and yeah its torture so i get to distract myself briefly .

Rice n red beans , scallops squash and shrimp in fat free Bearnaise sauce ( maybe ) or just fluffy fat free egg whites w ff cheese

cleaning lady coming at 8 am to give price for cleaning up pet messes animal damage and cleaning inside windows . Hopefully she wont run screaming.

l- airport food

d- hopefully booze on the plane finally relaxing

yes im not perfect but im also not an alcoholic.

I just self medicate sometimes when i have a Really Difficult Task .

Cleaning out toilets with months old Sh and plastic bags I think richly qualifies.

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