Tuesday and Wendesday Menu n Activities

on 11/30/22 11:19 am, edited 11/30/22 11:31 am

Good Afternoon Menuers !

Im VERY disappointed in myself about the latest fall which broke my nose in two places and may even require eyelid surgery so my eyes once again match . Grrr !

Thanksgiving was a good party which I hosted w smoked turkey, ham and the usual sidesand desserts including homemade sugar free strudel. My Dad criticized me the whole five hours thoughto the point that i drank two gift bottles of wine afterwards and couldnt/wouldnt do anything the next day like bring and serve the leftovers at their apartment. I told everyone i gave them to the homeless lol!

Anyway i had my Omicron Covid shot on Sunday afternoon and was totally sneezing in pain at the shot site and lethargic all night and the next two days .
Mon - leftovers! ( not too much no appetite but drank wine ) fried chicken breast, salad w Italian vegetable antipasti

Tues - read and slept all day instead of driving ( niw im stuck driving pretty much 24 hours 2 get to housing court) eggs ff w salsa, leftover ham withMajor Gray chutney , white wine and 50% orange juice spritzers - finally left at 5:30 AM

Wed - road food - shrimp ****tail , potato cheese bean burrito , Hamptons breakfast ( eggs yogurt waffle)

s- toasted bagel w peanut butter , cantaloupe chunks blueberries

d - tbd but probably road food

Bensonhurst is also a locus for mad Christmas light competition. Cars wait in line for hours to circle and photograph certain blocks . I cant find any pics unfortunately but im including my own balcony lights ( twinkling multicolored bundles , ceiling projected snowflakes and lighted icicles ) and a pic of a kitten in my Parents tree . Have a great day !

Im also praying and waiting to hear from the bank regarding the short sale . Please wish me luck !

The balcony gardens are also Chritmasized - withbaby poinsettias as annuals blue plumbago and blue salvia and miniature topiaries w christmas ribbons ! :)

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