What's on your Saturday menu?

Melody P.
on 1/6/23 11:22 pm - TX

Good mornin everyone! Hoping y'all's weekend is off to a good start.

Yesterday was rough. I will state over and over...thank goodness for zofran! The pain med kind of makes me woozy and itchy. So thank goodness for Benadryl too lol. Pain is also very high but I imagine it could be worse. The one incision on my side is the main one bothering me. It's only about three inches long but man is it in an annoying spot! I will be glad to get the staples out of all three incisions. My headache is better but I still have the roaring woshing in my ears.

Nothing at all planned for the day. I am increasingly bored. I miss chainmail. I guess I could try working with some aluminum rings to keep busy. My mind just isn't terribly focused and clear.

QOTD: if you could pick just one food to be calorie and carb ZERO what would it be?

My mom asked me this yesterday. I'd have to go with any type of bread, esp brioche type bread or challah. I can't eat a lot of it as it fills me up quickly but I do love bread!

I am hoping to eat more normal today but we'll see how my head feels going forward.

on 1/7/23 4:20 am
RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

well we had to deal with my MIL yesterday - and today it'll be my mother. She's having a meltdown again. Her audiologist suggested she go to urgent care this weekend about her hearing. My mother is mad at the audiologist for suggesting this. I'm guessing it's because her hearing has gotten worse lately, and the audiologist just wants to make sure there's nothing medical going on. I suppose if my mother is dead set against going to urgent care, she can call her PCP on Monday morning and get a referral to an ENT. At any rate, between this and her claiming she can't find her Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney documents (which I'd asked about - and I need to make copies for my siblings since they're listed on those docs, too), she was kind of a mess last night. Hopefully she'll be better today. I'm kind of dreading going over there...

other than that, nothing on the docket for today, other than get some exercise (as usual...)

QOTD: ice cream!

I think I'm just going to try to eat the minimal amount today, while being sure I get enough protein. Shakes, yogurt, some shredded chicken - may just focus on those. So---no formal menu today.

have a great day, all - and I sorry about the pain and nausea, Melody - I hope that starts subsiding soon!

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

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White Dove
on 1/7/23 7:51 am - Warren, OH

An infection, cold, sinus, or other problem can cause fluid buildup in the eustachian tubes and make hearing loss much worse. That urgent care visit could be very beneficial. I woke up one morning with a lot of hearing loss, went to the ear doctor who sent me to urgent care. They prescribed a decongestant that make things a lot better.

I have all my power of attorney documents in the file cabinet stored under Will. My family knows where to look since my files are in alphabetical order and Will is the last folder in the last drawer. Once your mother locates those documents, make sure she stores them somewhere that you know about and also get copies for yourself and siblings. I have a general power of attorney that is in my file folder, my attorney's files, and on file at the courthouse.

That can be a risky move because the person named could actually use it to take my resources while I am still alive, but I do trust that would not happen. It would be needed if I am no longer able to take care of my affairs as well as after my death.

I no longer care about cookies, pizza, or ice cream, but would love for Grandma See's chocolates to be zero calories. I think of Grandma See as my personal drug pusher.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 1/7/23 5:47 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Good morning Mel and weekend menuers,

Mel, glad you have something that's helping a little in the short-term while your body hopefully catches up. Hope it keeps improving, and quickly!

I'm sitting outside the vet's office with the boys for their annual check-up. Have that this morning, will drive the other way into town today and pick up a few things. I have three weekends until my friend comes. Feels like there should be a list of things I want to have done before she comes. My house isn't trashed but you know that whole...cleaning for company thing. And she hasn't been out here before. Will also explore some cooking. Might try that egg loaf, both because I have eggs to use that I refuse to waste and because I'm craving bread.

QOTD- Hmm. For me, probably cheese or peanut butter. I love both and they are both high calorie foods.

Accountability- A slice of extraordinary bites bread with an extravagant amount of butter. I'm starting to experiment with the low carb and keto bread products, both buying and making them.


Protein shake while I'm here, meatballs in spicy tomato basil sauce, low carb chicken soup, beef stew, bit of cheese

Cheers, everyone!

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on 1/7/23 6:17 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Good morning lovely saturday-ers!

I'm sitting here on my second cup of coffee after having slept in all the way to 5 and now I'm looking west and watching the clouds pink up, so pretty.

I had a bit too much wine last night so woke up feeling a bit blech, but had a cup of coffee, finished my row across the English Channel....the put the shortest segment last which I didn't realize...but I guess they ran out of channel, when they ran out of channel, lol. Now I feel nice and ready for the day.

We've been having water problems in our water district since that super cold snap, not a big deal for me because it was just a spike in iron deposits and hey, what RNYer doesn't need more iron, but it made the water a lovely brown and they recommended not doing laundry; it finally resolved on Thursday after they had to flush all the pipes in the district, which also created quite the unfortunate skating rink, lol. So I have my first load of laundry loaded and set up go once the sun is fully up (I try to run the big appliances once the solar generation kicks in) and then I just need to run to the grocery store this morning, then I have a massage and later today head out for dinner and a concert with friends; the venue is near one of my favorite bookstores and kitchen stores so I'll probably go early just to poke around.


coffee plus half and half X 2

cheddar and summer sausage


the place we're going to is known for their burgers and their grilled cheese...will probably have the bison burger but might indulge the flashback to my 20s and have the cheddar-pesto-bacon-tomato grill cheese. This restaurant it about 2 blocks from the office I worked in from 95 to 2000 and I had that grill cheese every friday I think.

Have a fantastic Saturday everyone!

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Amy Liz
on 1/7/23 7:47 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Way to go working out after wine blech! Not me... I may do a stretch percussion session to work out any issue from the drive. That sandwich sounds amazing - enjoy!

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on 1/7/23 6:49 am
RNY on 10/29/19

Good morning and isn't that true about Avo's! I have a love/hate relationship with them.

Yesterday was super productive. Painters have to come back today. The trim color they used is wrong, a mix up in mixing up! They didn't know until their supervisor stopped in to check on their day's work and he caught it immediately. Good job on him. He dashed out and got the right color and now they are coming today to redo all the wood work. It gets an extra coat on the wood, so I'm ok with all of that. We cleaned through all the hanging clothes up there while we had it stacked on our bed and I have a huge Goodwill bag to go out this week. Yay. And once I could go up there, I am loving the colors I picked. I also got all the bedding washed, did the stairs and chased after the grands. So as part of my real reals for yesterday, I added two glasses of wine when the girls went home and one Dove chocolate square. I also traded out my breakfast plan for one serving of TJ's new Balela chick pea salad and an HB egg. Was wonderful.

Today I'm waiting for the painters and then going to squash in a walk. Then we have tickets to Ain't Too Proud. About the life times of the Temptations and I am very excited to see it. Plus I love our Saturday matinee date days with a show and dinner after. There will be wine and they might be pasta, so I should pick one of my tougher, longer routes for my walk today, or maybe hit the stairs again. Yesterday, between the stairs and my own stairs I logged 53 flights.

QoTD: Chips of all types. I love that salty, crunchy thing so much.

menu today

B: Balela salad and 1 hb egg

L: same as the last two days but dang I am loving it! Orange/avo/pistachio/feta with a drizzle of olive oil and TJ's chili lime seasoning and 2 oz pork.

Dinner tbd. We are going to an old fave, and I do love their pasta. I'll try to pick something good and share something decadent.

Peace Everybody!

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Amy Liz
on 1/7/23 7:42 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Your menu sounds incredible! This is the kind of food I really love - fresh and healthy (but of course all the carbs too) I have all the things for that avocado salad so I think I'll make it tomorrow. Also - a TJ's run tomorrow I am picking up the Balela salad too!

SW 309 GW 175 LW 150 CW 236.4

on 1/7/23 8:19 am
RNY on 03/24/21

I have season tix for the traveling Broadway show. Ain't Too Proud is next on the list to see on the 18th. Yea

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on 1/8/23 7:19 am
RNY on 10/29/19

You will love it!

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