What's up for your Saturday plans?

Melody P.
on 3/25/23 12:33 am - Amarillo, TX

oh so true! ^

Good mornin folks! Hoping your weekend is off to a great start!

I've got absolutely nothing planned for the day and I'm 100% down with that! I'll work on chainmaille for sure. There is more in the saga of the badly done jump rings. Mysteriously they took down all of their anodized titanium rings. Apparently we aren't the only ones. Now it's not of unheard of to have this happen to a few rings but every single one? Not so normal. My boss ordered some shortly after I got mine. Two different sizes of the same color and one is so dark it's almost black. So disappointed in this company. They even tried to say I didn't know how to open them properly. I've been doing this for 20+ years. :::insert eye roll:::

QOTD: What is one of your, if not the biggest, bucket list item?

My first was to see the Canadian Rockies and I was blessed to do that in 2009. Now the biggest one for me is to retrace, at least partially, my grandpa's steps in WWII. N.Africa isn't the safest but I for sure would like to do the part in Italy and elsewhere.

Another one I w able to tick off at a younger age was seeing something with my grandpa that he had never seen. That would be Yellowstone. It was just so much fun to see him see new things,

B: still undecided, probably a JUST egg bowl

L: orange chicken with some roasted broccoli

D: hmmm not sure on this one either

S: cheese whisps and ????

Here is part of a bracelet with the bad rings. It's turning out not horribly. It looks like water color type thing. All the light spots and specs are not supposed to be there. It's supposed to be darker blues and teals.

on 3/25/23 2:27 am
RNY on 01/24/23

Morning Melody and weekenders

Look nice. Do you sell them? Is it a good business?

QOTD: hmm I have done most things I really want to do travel wise (love it) but I'd love to live in Manhattan for a year or something.

Food: standard today

Have a great weekend!

Melody P.
on 3/25/23 5:01 am - Amarillo, TX

Thanks! The lady I make them for does sell them. I've sold some things myself but mostly tutorials for my designs. It's a lot of fun for me...kind of like putting together puzzles.

there is even a popular supplier, who has done TONS of free tutorials for the community, in Australia. They're called Aussie Maille.

on 3/25/23 3:01 am
RNY on 02/14/18

It's pretty even if not what you intended. I know what anodizing looks like but not how it works -- are those spots where it flaked off when you opened the ring? Or does it change color some other way?

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Melody P.
on 3/25/23 5:07 am - Amarillo, TX

The way it is kind of reminds me of a Monet's color palette!

titanium and niobium don't have the usuall thicker anodized coating. They are just put on there with electricity. Color depends on the voltage. They can be scratched but the color doesn't flake off like most anodization processes do.

My friend has an anodizer so she's going to try to re anodize them.

these were from the same company that my friend ordered for herself. They are supposed to be the same exact color!

sorry for the long post. My answer to QJB's question of what we could talk about for 30 minutes seems to be very true!

on 3/25/23 5:44 am
RNY on 08/21/12

It is still very pretty, even if by accident.

I know anodizing is brittle, and usually done on aluminum. Is the harder titanium causing the brittle titanium to flake off? Maybe they cheaped out on the titanium allow, and that makes it more prone to flaking? Would anodized aluminum rings work better?

A lot of places are phasing out anodizing, due to the carcinogenic chemicals used. I've seen Cerakote used as a substitute, and the tools I have with Cerakote look and work great. Maybe someone is making Cerakote rings, rather than anodized?

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Melody P.
on 3/25/23 10:23 pm - Amarillo, TX

The only problem with the anodized aluminum is it's so weak in jewelry applications. I mostly use stainless steel and titanium for strength. I do use the AA in sculptural pieces.

this piece was done in anodized aluminum and bright aluminum. They have a clear anodized aluminum that I use a lot in these pieces. It's about the size of a large grapefruit.

on 3/25/23 10:06 am
RNY on 02/14/18

That is cool, I knew it involved electricity but didn't know any of that. I love learning random things from people. Interested people are interesting is what I always say when someone apologizes for going off on a topic they are excited about.

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Melody P.
on 3/25/23 10:18 pm - Amarillo, TX

I'm the same way. I've just been trained, unfortunately, to apologize for EVERYTHING. I don't know if that a southern thing or just psychological stuff lol

BTW! I finally worked with some resin yesterday. I made some stuff to work with chainmaille and a skull. Will share pics when they can be unmolded. :o)

on 3/25/23 3:45 am, edited 3/24/23 9:04 pm
WLS on 07/15/22

Good morning Mel and weekend menuers!

That bracelet is still pretty. Its the color I always associate with "pea****" or color-changing. Will it be the color you want after you re-treat it?

QOTD- My first and oldest bucket list item is to see the lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I've wanted this for over 20 years but the timing had always been bad, in addition to the cost. I'd also like to see Iguazu Falls in South America and a bunch of other things like visiting all of the continents.

Today I need to get gas, do dog stuff in the bigger town, and pick up a prescription in the smaller down. Since dog stuff will most likely include bathing and air drying two very recalcitrant corgos, this will end up being most of the morning. There are a couple of ingredients I want to pick up for food prep this week to try a some low-carb adapted Chinese food favorites. I'm having cravings and want to find a compromise. Strange, since I haven't had orange or sesame chicken for years. I also need to make a beef stir fry. Some of my menu is being driven by markdown meat.

Anyway! Standard day, I think, which is just fine by me. Tomorrow I might go back to the natural food store I found and look for a couple of specialty bread-making ingredients.

Accountability- I had some cottage cheese...and I think it turned. My stomach gave me issues all night. The rest of that tub is going, just to be safe. Need more water today.

Exercise- Recumbent bike and small free weights.

Menu - pumpernickel bread slice with homemade onion and chives spread and smoked salmon, chicken pot pie stew, sirloin steak stir fry (with broccoli, peppers and onions, maybe), ginger garlic shrimp, seaweed, blueberries. Oh, and a nice cup or three of oolong.

Happy Saturday!

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