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on 5/4/21 9:10 am
Topic: RE: RNY vets are you OK? Life sucks sometimes (vets = 5+ years in my mind, but not set in stone).

Hi all! A little update on my training. My trainer said that yes, I do have quite a small frame (just means more weight to lose) but I am still working very very hard to run that Spartan race this year. The interesting thing now is seeing my strength, fitness and balance have given me a lot of ability working around this Alaskan homestead. It IS a lot of work :) Yow. I can do so much more than absolutely any of my friends my age. I'll turn 66 this year but I am so strong, so fit, and can do soooo much more than I ever thought. Do not hesitate ...this thing can change your life, extend it, and make you able to do so much. Just, you know, push yourself!!

Still working very hard at the gym daily; running up mountains (I do live in Alaska), and enjoying the positives I see in my life every day. Not the best pic...but yow. Who'd have thought I'd be here back in 2013!??


on 3/23/21 10:46 pm
Topic: RE: Skin

Didn't do my surgery til my late 50s so a LOT of loose skin - it is what it is. I just keep working out to tighten muscles, get smaller and wear clothes that flatter me.

No funds for skin surgery here - I still like that I'm smaller and a whole lot healthier :)


on 3/23/21 9:47 pm
Topic: RE: Spartan Race this year! (Wait, a Spartan?? Me???)

Hi all - I have not checked in too much in the last while, but drop in now and then. Maintaining 120# loss since 2013 RNY. Somehow along the way I found out that I really really like working out. Hard. I run, do a LOT of body weight exercises, swim, cycle and - my favorite - I throw iron. I have a long, long way to my goal but I regularly bench 65-75 and deadlift 185 (lost a bit when I got sick last year but am back at my PR). And all the other fun stuff :)

So.....long story short: Now that I'm slim and fit (wow, I can't hardly believe that yet) I got into my workouts. Then I decided to see what I should do to pu**** up a level. Enter Spartan Races.

We don't have them in my state, so I've never seen one. But thanks to the magic of YouTube I've watched some, joined their platform and committed to a race this year. I'm doing the Spartan Sprint near Tampa this December.

I will be 66 when I run. It's 5K plus 20 insane INSANE obstacles. ANY obstacle not completed you must complete 30 burpees to avoid being disqualified. Rope climbs, wall climbs, hand-over-hand bars, carry an 80-100# rock for a quarter mile, carry a bucket full of gravel (1/4 mile), throw a javelin (one chance, if it doesn't stick it's burpees for you)....and so one. Way hard stuff.

So cheer me on - I'm going down from Alaska a couple weeks early to train in that Florida heat. Lot of weeks left for training and it won't be easy. Just kinda wanted to let you all know here what's happening. :)


on 2/3/21 7:20 pm, edited 2/3/21 11:28 am
Topic: RE: RNY vets are you OK? Life sucks sometimes (vets = 5+ years in my mind, but not set in stone).

In a few days I?ll hit 8 years since my RNY. I had to have emergency surgery when my silent ulcers ruptured (yow buddy, talk about pain)...but mostly I've been very very very happy that I lost the weight, gained confidence, and got strong and healthy. Not that it's been easy or a straight path. But keep on keeping on, as they say and keep your eye on the goal.

At 65 I am currently training for my first Spartan race. I deadlift 185#, bench 65#, run forever (well, okay 5 miles) and am so happy that I finally took that step. I?ll never be able to get rid of that loose skin but I can?t complain about that when there is so much to smile about :)

At son's house in Florida


on 2/5/20 8:15 pm
Topic: RE: 18 years out with eating issues

7 years used to really matter and I still like what I eat but it's not that important anymore. But being a chef - what a different perspective you have to have. I just eat very little these days and am very VERY active. Weight lifting changed my life and at 64 you would hardly believe my age. Amazing how much our bodies can give on very little fuel. I love this new life, I so hope you can be more active, it's changed my life at least as much as the surgery.


on 2/5/20 7:29 pm, edited 2/5/20 11:30 am
Topic: RE: Constipation on pre op?

You are on the mark, H.A.L.A.B. Despite all my efforts I ended up in the ER for constipation about 6 months after my emergency surgery for perforated ulcers. Not fun - actually humiliating. Your approach is spot on!


on 2/5/20 7:12 pm, edited 2/6/20 8:42 pm
Topic: RE: Checking in 7 years post RNY FINALLY almost to goal

Hard to believe. 7 years on Feb. 7. And had a revision due to ruptured ulcers in 2018, so glad I'm still here. I'd regained at 6 years post-RNY I was up 50#. But, well, to be honest the tool still works if I do what I'm supposed to do. I got all the extra weight back off AND lost an additional 10 #...closer to my goal and I think this is going to be the year it happens. I never post pics but I guess I'll do one now just because it feels so completely amazing to finally look like a normal person. I'm 64 years old, 5'5". 140# (highest was 273). I deadlift 185, bench 65, run. Pic was taken a few days ago in Florida but I'm back home in Alaska now. Life's good


on 7/19/19 9:30 pm
Topic: RE: Your WLS journey in 3 Words

Never. Give. Up.


on 6/25/19 9:47 pm
Topic: RE: will I lose weight

I agree with what Persistance posted. I have been working with a trainer since the year after my surgery (have had 4 now, and the one with whom I've worked with for the past two years is totally awesome). I've definitely gained muscle mass, which is much denser, therefore I look much, much smaller. My weight loss did slow when I hit 150# and I'm sure being 63 doesn't help. But I'm not so worried about the number on the scale at this point. I like being able to bench press 65# and hitting a new dead-lift this week of 165#. Enjoy the process; weight training and working with a trainer is a super idea, as is staying on your eating plan.

Good luck reaching your goals


on 6/25/19 9:42 pm
Topic: RE: People that shame you for intentional WL

Great post Melody! I guess I get where the whole body-positivity thing comes from - but they end up deluding themselves into an 'everything is just fine with my head in the sand' mentality. You've been pro-active to do something about your health ...and you also realized what a good idea it would be to leave that group.

Good luck in reaching your goals...I think you have a high chance for good success! :)


on 6/21/19 1:47 pm, edited 6/21/19 1:48 pm
Topic: RE: Six (very good) years out and a new NSV

I check in occasionally but wow my life is full these days so I am not online much. I?m 63 now and after a very heavy day of physical labor on the homestead yesterday, I worked out 2 1/2 hours this morning and then went home and mowed the huge back yard. Decided to go have lunch in Wasilla someplace I?d never been.When I got my gigantic lunch of halibut I couldn?t help but remark that it was a massive amount of food. The tiny waitress said, well for little bitty people "like us" it'll feed us a couple times. :)

Later she boxed up my food and made another comment about me being tiny. Let me tell you, I NEVER EVER thought to hear those words spoken of big fat me! I have yet to reach my number-on-the-scale goal, but fitness is really getting close. Next year I have a 10-day rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, then I?m doing a SpartanRace for which I?m training now.

Life still has challenges but I?m still very happy I finally got my RNY. Really best decision ever.


on 4/2/19 3:35 pm
Topic: RE: Coffee post surgery?

Exact same for me. Totally did not like coffee pre-RNY, now a cup or two every morning.


on 4/2/19 3:12 pm, edited 4/2/19 8:13 am
Topic: RE: Low Energy- Please help!

How are you doing with taking your vitamins and minerals? Did your surgeon have you get new bloodwork at six months to check your levels? It?s vital to be consistent with them always....if you are not, please get yourself organized to take them daily.

ETA. I see you added to your post about labs after my reply, good your labs are ok. How are your sleep habits, might be as simple as needing more than you get now.


on 2/18/19 4:37 pm
Topic: RE: 9000mg potassium a day SR TABS - HELP

That is how I take my potassium as well! Also calcium/magnesium - I mix with my morning miralax so I get the vitamin regime started early. Way cheaper and easier to get down than the horse pills!


on 2/6/19 9:31 pm
Topic: RE: Are there foods you can no longer (permanently) eat after surgery?

Same for me on the ice cream! It was always my 'red-light' food because I loved to eat it by the half-gallon and had to stay away. Much easier now to avoid it as I too am a dumper. But, yep, I could eat it - but don't want to anymore.

Also with the bread and nuts, I love them and have no issues eating either of them. But way too high in calories for little protein. Not worth the eating anymore.

Mainly, my mind-set has changed so that food is of significantly less importance - taste, texture, temperature, whatever. It just doesn't mean that much anymore (and as a former foodie I thought that was the end-all, be-all of life, haha). :)


on 11/24/18 5:15 pm
Topic: RE: marginal ulcer or stitch ulcer

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through that...but very glad you were able to get ahead of having them perforate on you. I had/have ulcers but no symptoms at all, so did not know about them (same with my GERD - no symptoms****il the night in August that I awoke in pain I didn't know was possible to live through after a couple of them perforated. Walked around for an hour hoping it'd pass but finally called an ambulance and ended up in ER for a surgeon who could do a revision on my RNY (they excised the old pouch and I have a new one). Doing well now, just really have to be very strict since I never know if ulcers are developing (no mint, chocolate, alcohol...etc).

I hope that all goes very well for you from this point...good luck!


on 10/10/18 6:48 pm
Topic: RE: RNY Revision due to ulcers

That's good...I wish he'd done that but it was an emergency situation and I was in pretty dire straits. Glad it's over ...and I sure hope I don't get them again (already two occurrences AND I have Barrett's esophagus too). And you are right, there is not very much information online. Take care, let me know how you are doing!


on 10/10/18 2:39 pm
Topic: RE: RNY Revision due to ulcers

I'm doing pretty well, lost 15 lb first month and 8 more since then. I was only on PPI for 2 weeks, have to be very compliant wrt diet and stress management since we don't know cause of ulcers. Healed quickly, tons of energy, despite getting very, very little sleep each night (another issue). As long as you follow the protein forward bari diet and monitor macros I sure don't understand why your dr said you won't lose! I know the revision doesn't get the metabolic advantage of the first RNY, but the tool still works.

I really hope your revision goes as well as my own did. Keep me posted!


on 8/24/18 8:09 pm
Topic: RE: RNY Revision due to ulcers

After 4 nights in the hospital I was released today with a follow up with the surgeon next week. I was glad to have him on hand for my emergency too, as he is one of only two bariatic surgeons in the area (mine was out of country).

I have to say it's odd being back to week one/clear liquids after 5 years away from my original RNY! That's what I have...a brand new pouch since the old one was destroyed by ulcers and was excised, making room for a new pouch. Not a hardship as far as food because a few sips of water and I am done!

Went home with zero pain meds though, but I guess I really don't need them. What's funny this time around is that I really know my insides have been changed, plus the surgeon told me my new pouch is smaller.

Nice getting so full so fast again! Just like a newbie, which at least a portion of me is. Never thought I'd end up with a new pouch at any time, much less this far out. Well, here's to the next five years!


on 8/23/18 7:26 am, edited 8/23/18 7:28 am
Topic: RE: RNY Revision due to ulcers

I?m 5 years out from my RNY. Due to several issues I neve got to goal and even gained back some weight.

Was DX with Barrett?s Esophegus during pre surgery workup, then following up some ulcers were found. They treated them and as far as I knew that was the end of it.

fast forward three years and I woke up in middle of the night...2:00 Tues so much pain that I actually picked up the phone to dial 911. Got transported to hospital for emergency surgery by the on call bari surgeon. While I haven?t seen him yet, I did learn that the old pouch was cut out and I now have a shiny new one. Will be scoped today and hope to get released. Finances will be a mess but I sure do feel better! I would appreciate prayer from those inclined...thank you


on 4/15/18 9:06 am, edited 4/15/18 2:14 am
Topic: RE: What?s on your Sunday menu RNYers?

It's finally spring here in Anchorage! The sun is rapidly melting the snow out front (out back will take a few more weeks to melt), and the bike/running trails are ice free so I can finally stop running the indoor track at my gym and run OUTDOORS! We've had sunshine all week and it's been just heaven. I would love to set a 100-day running goal, but for now I just want to see how long I can keep my current streak going. :)

QOTD: Extreme weather? Let me count the ways! Anchorage is in what we call the banana belt of Alaska, because of ocean currents, but I've sure seen plenty of -20, -30, -40 degree weather for weeks on end. Some years have low snow and some years are extreme amounts of snow. Then there are earthquakes, hurricane force winds (where roofs blow away, trees are uprooted, trailers roll across the highway)...AND we have volcanoes nearby. But I'll take this over having snakes!! ;) We do have four seasons though. Almost winter, Winter, Still winter, and Construction season!

B: 1 scrambled egg and 1/2 piece of bacon, cup of black coffee

L: 3-4 oz chicken poached in broth with herbs, 1/3 C fresh asparagus

D: 3 oz sirloin tip steak sliced over leaf lettuce with balsamic vinegar

S: Isopure Zero Carb protein shake

Water: about 18 gallons I think, ha!

And all the vites, all day long without fail. Four months to my next bloodwork so hoping to see I'm still doing well 5 years out now.

Thanks for keeping this thread going, always a good read and good ideas :)

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on 4/15/18 8:53 am
on 3/15/18 4:25 pm
Topic: RE: CAMAW/AMAW Winners!

Well, how about that. I go offline for a few days and return to find out I'm a winner! I just picked up my prize today -- new slacks ;) Thanks for putting this together Liz; it really shows how sticking to the plan makes a difference!


on 3/12/18 4:10 pm
Topic: RE: Leg/Foot Cramps at Night

I hear you on the horse pills! For potassium, I switched last year to Potassium Citrate powder...waaaay easier to get down and lots more affordable. I use Now Foods brand, it's 448 mg in 1/4 level teaspoon that I mix with my daily metamucil (along with powdered calcium, magnesium and C). Might be an option for you :)


on 3/12/18 4:06 pm, edited 3/12/18 9:11 am
Topic: RE: Leg/Foot Cramps at Night

I also started taking magnesium and potassium with one of my calcium doses early in the day (I take calcium 2 times per day), then added an Epsom salt (not actually a salt, it's magnesium and sulphate) foot soak at night before bed. I have a hard time sleeping since surgery and this has had some benefit in that it's warm and relaxing. But your skin can absorb the magnesium very well just before bed and that definitely helped with my nuclear charlie horses I was getting!

Might be worth a try ~ good luck! :)

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