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on 11/16/20 3:32 pm
Topic: RE: What's your Monday Menu?

I am always singing, whether alone or with my kids/husband... but I have never sang in front of anyone else. Dancing with my kids to be silly is fun too and gets my body moving.

Breakfast- 2 eggs and a Crepini wrap with 1/4 c shredded cheese
Lunch- a few turkey sliced up, a green salad with red onion, carrots, 1/4 c shredded cheese and 1TBS italian dressing from G. Hughes
Dinner: Crock Pot Chicken with Veggies
Snack: Wheat Thins and 1 slice of tillamook cheese
Lots and Lots of water

Hope your meeting with the new therapist goes well! I miss those!

on 11/16/20 3:26 pm
Topic: RE: Janet update

I hope she feels better soon and they are able to help her! Scary stuff!

on 11/16/20 3:25 pm
Topic: RE: Keto after RNY(5+yrs post op)

I tried the keto thing and I guess I am sensitive to fats so it didn't work well for me. I was told that I can do a modified keto, which is typically the bariatric diet to begin with but nix the "keto bread" type of foods since it makes us fell icky (at least my pouch it does).

on 10/23/20 4:14 pm
Topic: RE: What's on your (PHOTO) Friday Menu?

OMG, your meme is golden!!!

I was loving the gray hair snapchat! just wish you could remove the glasses!

on 10/23/20 4:13 pm
Topic: RE: What's on your (PHOTO) Friday Menu?

Ditto. I do the silly faces with my kids

on 10/23/20 4:12 pm
Topic: RE: What's on your (PHOTO) Friday Menu?

QOTD: I have been trying to watch funny things on facebook and keep coming across AFV gender reveals those have given me a good laugh.

I've been doing well with my diet and have fluctuated between 169 and 172 this week. Hoping to knock that down here this weekend. Just need to stay focused.

I kept my protein up and my carbs typically low. but some days I indulged and I wasn't mad. I am a bit stressed and haven't slept well and going to try and apply to places for some holiday work. Wish me luck!

on 10/21/20 5:47 pm
Topic: RE: Ab Muscle Cramps, anyone?

Its def not a hernia. is what he said and couldn't really tell me much. I will look up 'adhesions'

on 10/21/20 4:17 pm
Topic: RE: Ab Muscle Cramps, anyone?

Has anyone experienced excessive ab muscle cramping? I mean, I get them if I sneeze 5 times in a row, or lean over to the side to pick something up and the only thing to get rid of it is REALLY stretching out my core... We're talking me putting my arms up into a door frame and arching to stretch out the muscle for 15 min. or so. if I stop too soon, I feel the cramp come back. I can get them in multiple places (not at once, thank God) which is weird as well.

I drink a TON of water/liquids (70-120 oz daily) and I take daily vitamins.

Any ideas?

on 10/16/20 10:46 am
Topic: RE: What's on your (PHOTO) Friday Menu?

Weighed in this morning and was at 170.4... slowly but surely (even though I'd like fast track...)

I literally have a spaghetti squash in my fridge right now and the recipe for today is what I am going to try for dinner tonight. Looks heavenly!

Breakfast: String Cheese and a Protein Shake
Snack: Parmesan Crisp Chips
Lunch: Shredded Roasted Turkey with 1 TBS Mayo, Onions, and 1/4 C Shredded Cheese in a Crepini Wrap
Snack: Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla Greek Yogurt
Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with Rotisserie Chicken Au Gratin (Making it a meal, rather than a side dish

QOTD: Favorite comedians are Gabriel Iglesias, Jeff Dunham, Jimmy Fallon, Brad Williams and Preacher Lawson

on 10/16/20 10:33 am
Topic: RE: Surgery Date

Sorry I can't answer your question, personally... but If you surgery is cancelled, please don't feel discouraged. You would rather be safer than have the potential to be exposed to COVID, especially if you are healing. Coughing is hard enough right after surgery, you don't need any additional issues making your healing process longer

Congrats on getting scheduled. Prayers that COVID numbers stay and/or go down.

on 10/12/20 11:07 am
Topic: RE: Internal hernias

I had a Hiatal Hernia that was repaired when they went in... I have minimal reflux now but it's not as bad as it was before.

on 10/12/20 11:06 am
Topic: RE: Husband took me off his insurance!!!!!

Oh my gosh... Health insurance is needed for so much more than just the option to have WLS! I apologize if I am over stepping, but I would call this an abusive relationship and your S/O is doing more harm than good. There were a lot of great suggestions, but I am looking at the bigger picture and (personally) would not want to be in that situation any longer. He has not regard for your health (AT ALL... not just for WLS)

Continue with your improved eating habits and if you decide to stay, may I recommend counseling? so an experience pro can tell him he's been an ass-holio.

on 10/12/20 10:46 am
Topic: RE: What's on your Monday menu RNY? and some VSG'rs

I think I did pretty good over the weekend... but even though I kept it at around 1,000 calories, I still managed to gain 2.5 lbs... BUT I am still under where I started last week so I am counting that for a win

I am going to do shakes today, all around to keep myself in check. Shooting for 80-90g protein from shakes

QOTD: We did Walmart grocery online for a while but then it just got to the point where they didn't have anything in stock and i would have to order multiple times or have to suffer and get whatever "substitute" the clerk thought was acceptable. I go in now, with my mask and get what I need and make my own substitutions if they don't have anything and it makes things a million times easier. BUT... I also spend more because I am in there... haha
I will use deliver services more, but they DO jack up the prices (and I get it) BUT I would rather go myself. Plus I shop for my mother and get the things she needs too and drop those off to her so she doesn't have to use her income to pay more for the delivery services.

on 10/9/20 5:22 pm
Topic: RE: What's on your (PHOTO) Friday Menu?

Black Dress Perfection! and love your kitties!

I am so sorry for you loss and hope you can celebrate her along with your special day!

on 10/9/20 4:07 pm
Topic: RE: What's on your (PHOTO) Friday Menu?

Can't stay long, but major goal smashing over here. I WILL CONTINUE and press forward. I will not let the weekend get to me! Happy birthday to your dad!

Breakfast: Unjury Chocolate Splendor powder, 3/4 c Fairlife Milk

Snack: 1/2 oz pork rinds

Lunch: Crepini, 1/2 tbs mayo, 2 slices of oven roasted turkey breast, 1 slice of medium cheddar cheese

Snack: ProCare Dark Chocolate calcium, 3 oz Green Leaf lettuce, 1/2 oz shredded carrots, 3 oz cucumbers, 2 TBS Miso dressing from G. Hughes

Dinner: Beyond Burger, 2 leaves Iceberg lettuce, 1 tbs Mayo, 1/4 avocado,

Daily Total: 94.6g Protein, 1084 calories, 34.1g carbs

QOTD: I used to never turn it on and would just throw on extra layers and then I had kids. When they say they are cold, I turn it on.

on 10/8/20 4:09 pm
Topic: RE: What's on your Thursday Menu?

I remember wanting to bring popcorn into the movie theater when I was younger, and it REEKED of buttery-smelling goodness. I tried to cover it with my big jacket and they got me right away. I think I was 10-11 (we lived in a small town where everyone kinda knew each other and IDK why but I responded with "we're poor", they let me in with no issues after that. Meanwhile, my mother was mortified I used that excuse.

Breakfast: 1 oz Sea Salt Pork Rinds, Unjury Chocolate Spleandor with water (35 g protein, 6 carbs, 260 cal)
Morning Snack: Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Crepini, Cheddar Cheese slice, 1/2 TBS Mayo (19g protein, 1 carb, 225 cal)
Lunch: 2 cups Green leaf lettuce, 2 oz diced ham, 1 oz shredded cucumber, 2 TBS G Hughes Italian dressing (10.2g protein, 10.3 carbs, 154 cal)
Snack: Hard boiled egg (5.9 g protein, .6 carbs, 65 Cal)

I'll probably include another shake tonight for dinner

So Far: 70.1 g protein, 17.9 Carbs, 704 calories

QOTD: My favorite teacher was in high school, my English teacher. She and I are friends on FB and it's great to still connect with her. She was fair, encouraging and really amazing with how she taught us.

on 10/7/20 4:15 pm
Topic: RE: If I weight 258 now, how much am I expected to lose if I get this surgery?

It all depends on how well you follow your surgeons plan. If you cut corners, cheat and don't eat what you are directed to, you'll fail.

Follow your surgeons plan and it willl get you to where you need to be (in hopes there are no unforeseen cir****tances that are out of your control). Once you get to yoru desired weight, you can incorporate foods back into your diet to put you at maintenance.

You will always have to take supplements because of malabsorption issues but they have some really fun flavors out there that are tasty

on 10/7/20 3:18 pm
Topic: RE: What's on your Wednesday Menu?

My allergies have been kicking my arse these past two weeks. I am trying a different pill in hopes that it will help stop this runny nose/sneezing.

We have taken out from restaurants but we ordered online first... and it seems like each time SOMETHING was wrong with it, kinda made me not want to even put for the effort and just keep to home made stuff.

Down to 173.9 this morning. So, I will keep to whatever I'm doing. I find myself inhaling and exhaling for a short while, long winded breathes when I feel like I want something "other than" protein.

Breakfast: Unjury Chocolate Splendor Protein Powder, 2/3 C Fairlife FF milk, 1 hard boiled egg and 1/4 tsp Mayo (240 cal, 35g protein, 8.5g carbs)

Snack: Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt- Lemon Tart (10g carbs, 90 Calories, 15g Protein)

Lunch: 2 slices Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, 1 Crepini, .5 oz shredded Cheese, 1/2 TBS Mayo, 2oz diced ham, 1/4 cup English cucumber (273 Calories, 25.5 g protein, 6g Carbs)

Dinner: 3 oz Green Beans, Unjury Chocolate Splendor Protein (7.9 carbs, 152 cal, 29.5g protein)

Daily: 105g protein755 Calories 32.4 g Carbs

QOTD: The affection my kids show me. pure love

on 10/6/20 5:10 pm
Topic: RE: What's on your Tuesday Menu?

aah, sleep. I miss a good nights sleep!

Still on track, doing well for daily intake.

Breakfast: 2/3 c Fairlife FF Milk + 1 scoop Kaizen Vanilla Protein powder, 1 hardboiled egg with 1/4 tsp of mayo (39g protein, 250 Calories, 6.5 carbs)

Morning Snack: 4.3 oz Kirkland canned chicken + 1 TBS G Hughes Italian dressing (27g protein, 150 Calories, 0 carbs)

Lunch: 1 Crepini, 1/2 tsp mayo, 1/4 cup cucumber, 3oz diced ham, 1/3 cup Shredded Cheese (23.5g protein, 297 Calories, 6.9 carbs)

Dinner: 4oz Carne Asasa, 2 cups of Green leaf lettuce, 2 TBS G Hughes Sweet Vinaigrette 20.5g protein, 246 Calories, 8 carbs)

Daily Totals: 110g protein, 943 calories, 21.5 Carbs

QOTD... its been YEARS and I used to write them alllllll the time. Need to break out my books and go through some.

on 10/6/20 10:45 am
Topic: RE: What's on your Monday Menu?

Stayed on Track yesterday... for Dinner we had ground beef/cauliflower rice sloppy joes (I just had the meat/cauliflower mix) I had 6 oz of Ground beef with 4 oz of riced cauliflower. (45g Protein 371 Calories, 13 carbs)

Down 2 pounds...

Total for the day

896 calories, 117.5 g protein, 26.9 Carbs

on 10/5/20 3:24 pm
Topic: RE: What's on your Monday Menu?

Hi Everyone!

Best of luck to Grim on selling! How exciting!

I haven't posted here in a little bit because I've been ashamed of what I've eaten. and as a result, gained about 10 pounds because of my poor choices.

Trying to get back on track and going back to protein basics for a while.

Breakfast: Sipping Bone Broth/Chicken from Swanson, 3/4 cup of Fairlife Milk + Unjury Chocolate powder (39g protein, 204 Calories, 8.9 Carbs)

Lunch: 3 oz Chicken Breast Canned, 1TBS Sugar Free Italian Dressing from G. Hughes, 1/2 Scrambled Egg and 1/3 slice of Tillamook Medium Cheddar cheese (25g Protein, 189 Calories, .2 Carbs)

Dinner: Not sure yet, The husband will be smoking chicken and veggies... haven't decided

QOTD: Canned Tuna. I had it almost every day and I ended up getting mercury poisoning because of it. I only eat it in a pinch now, but tend to stay away. That was the only fish I would eat.

Really trying to hold myself accountable. Taking deep breaths when I feel like I want to stray from the plan. I have protein powders nearby, but always open for suggestions!

on 9/29/20 11:00 am
Topic: RE: Diy Help

I know a few people who felt that way and fought hard to get their documentation through the insurance chain. Some were approved and others ended up paying cash because (for the 2 I am referring) the lap band didn't work for them and they needed something more drastic... In the end, you have to do what is best for you and if you feel that bariatric surgery/revision is for you, I hope you make that happen.

on 9/29/20 10:42 am
Topic: RE: THEY MOVED ME!!!!

Congrats! Better sooner, I say! Get some Bone Broths, creamed soups (if they are on your plan) and flavorless protein. Things that were warm rally helped my new pouch feel a bit better.

Congratulations on making it this far!

on 9/24/20 3:46 pm
Topic: RE: When did you weight loss begin to stabilize?

I found that, for me, until about month 24 I could do anything (within reason) and lose weight... this means if I had more calories than what was on my plan, I'd still lose. I went to they gym or I didn't, I'd still lose, I had a bite or 2 of cake, I'd still lose.

THEEEEEENNNNN that stopped. I asked my doctor and he said it's the honeymoon phase of my body not really absorbing what I ate, but now, it, as White Dove mentioned, can put weight on very quickly and is hard to get off.

Use this time now, to understand what your food issues are, what your triggers are and how to deal with them. My weight really stabilized between 24-36 months. I have fluctuated between 10-15 up and down and I am ok with that.

My program was between 800-1000 calories per day so, I guess I would lose if I still stick to that. Now, I struggle with carbs, but not eating the whole bag (for me) is a victory. 12 years out and still working on shhh---tuff.

on 9/24/20 10:30 am
Topic: RE: Some days...

Of if you have kids! Our pups can hear the slightest amount of food hit the floor and they are there in a second. Thankfully, we can have them on a sit/stay when we're eating but snack time is hard sometimes. We also live in the desert and I'm the type of momma who doesn't like keeping the animals outside, even with shade and water. Our pups have a few extra pounds as well, but they are still healthy.

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