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on 8/7/20 8:57 pm
Topic: RE: 6 weeks post op and vegan

I am 6 weeks post op and have lost 26 & 1/2lb (12kg).

I have had a dream run. Post op pain was minimal. Well controlled with medication and off meds by day 5

the 2 week fluid diet was a struggle purely because I had such a desire for solid food.

I think that my vegan diet and it's fibre and water content is why I have had absolutely no constipation. I actually go twice a day just like I did before surgery.

I eat vegetables, legumes and beans and fruit. I drink a vegan protein water to up the protein. Bariatric vitamins and a greens powder (spirulina, barley greens etc). If I make a smoothie I use hemp powder.

Life is quite exciting as the weight peels off.

on 4/18/20 2:20 am
Topic: RE: Vegan after WLS info

Then you have no problem with me. I was presenting you information from 2 dieticians and a Bariatric Surgeon. Sorry if their decades of experience contradict your own ???

on 4/17/20 8:26 pm
Topic: RE: Vegan after WLS info

I was never asking for any debate. I was sharing information I found on a subject that is often asked about. And solely for those interested in the subject. If you find offence in simple information I suggest you have been triggered by something that doesn't exist

on 4/17/20 8:23 pm
Topic: RE: Vegan after WLS info

Wow. How triggered are you guys? There have been quite a few questions on a plant based diet after surgery. I found some answers and thought I'd share with those who are interested in the subject. Prefaced it with why I was personally looking. And some strange individuals have taken it as being told what they HAVE to eat. Taking it as a personal insult????? Totally crazy. Obviously some personal issues. One does wonder why you would even read a post about being vegan if you would be so offended by it???

on 4/16/20 12:51 pm
Topic: RE: 4 months post op: Am I eating too little? How to maintain my metabolism going?


congratulations on your surgery. Start by writing down every single bite you take in. A slow in weightloss in the first year, especially the first 6 mths, is not usually due to portion sizes but grazing. Eating a little taste here, a little bit there. Are you really just eating measured meals or are snacks creeping in?

Also, research says exercise contributes little to weightloss. It's what you put in your mouth. For example to burn off a single cookie you would need to row on a rowing machine for 24 minutes. Almost half an hour of ROWING for 1 cookie!

Good luck!

on 4/15/20 9:14 pm
Topic: RE: Vegan after WLS info

Hi gang,

I have always been worried by the diet WLS patients are told to follow post surgery and the high rates of bowel cancer bypass patients suffer. Even though your innards are a bit different it doesn't change your body's need for nutrients. All the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in plants that not only mean good health but also protect you from cancer. And there's no getting around the fact meat, especially processed and red meat cause cancer. Soooo I've been researching a plant based diet after WLS. And the answer is really good news. Have a listen to this pod cast by the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine where a dietician and a bariatric surgeon talk about the superior outcomes with plant based patients. They are healthier, weigh less and keep the weight off easier. ht-loss-surgery

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