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on 5/8/21 2:49 pm
Topic: RE: Fast tracking the Process of getting the COVID-19 shot being a WLS candidate or Obese

It?s April 2021, and sometimes I need to remind myself that obesity is classed as comorbidity? I?m not sure if it?s denial or issues with my own mortality, but when I look in the mirror I think of myself as just being overweight. What?s the reason for the statement, you ask? With current world issues (COVID-19) I was content waiting for my for my number to be called for the shot, I completely understand the reasoning behind prioritizing frontline workers and the venerable. But upon receiving an email from a concerned loved one, it was brought to my attention that due to my weight issues (being obese) I could skip the line and get my shot. I?ve posted a video documenting my personal experience getting the first of two COVID-19 shots in Ontario. Please watch and let?s talk about it.

Thanks for stopping by, Checkout my youtube channel for more video blogs

on 11/28/20 12:11 pm
Topic: RE: Checking In

Oh man! Thank you for the kind words, I hope I have the same success in 5 years! I am a new comer this site and have also decided to do video blogs. Please check out my video blogs and share any input you may have to offer! please stick around! us newbies look up to the OG's like yourself,


on 11/28/20 11:59 am
Topic: RE: Pandemic Nightmare

can you imagine having to wait for surgery this year.... checkout my blog on surgeries in Ontario! after watching, share a comment! tell me your opinions! Thanks for the support :)

on 11/28/20 9:37 am
Topic: RE: Back After Regain

Good Afternoon, Checkout my video blog on weight regain :) I need all the support I can get look forward to hearing you opinions after you watch :) Thank you :)

on 10/27/20 7:31 pm
Topic: RE: My 1st stall... How should?

Hello, Everyone

As you know my name is Charlie black, and I recently had RNY surgery (August 8th, 2020) I have had my 1st stall... and I am curious how I should proceed... any info would be grateful