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on 10/5/22 11:55 am
Topic: RE: Help with a mysterious ghost bleed 18 years later


My weight loss journey has gone great after my surgery, in 2004 lost 126lbs kept about 80-90 off so not unhappy at all , literally no issues until 2019 when I had a GI bleed that has not been located. I have been hospitalized four separate times over the past 3 years for this mysterious bleed.

To date I have had several endoscopies , colonoscopies, single balloon enteroscopy, double balloon enterscopy and 2 capsule endoscopies (swallowing a camera) all of these tests have shown no evidence of a bleed anywhere in fact the dr told me the tissue and everything they saw looks very healthy.

They are looking for an ulcer, polyp, lesion or an AVM bleed,

The major issue is that they have been unable to get into the dormant stomach to view it and look for anything all the scopes have not made it up there. They are talking about doing a procedure called GATE or EDGE... Gastric Access Temporary for Endoscopy. Has anyone had this done? Any thoughts? Any regrets?

My understanding is that they go through the pouch poke a hole into the dormant stomach and put in a stent looks around, then I go back weeks later and have the stent removed. Im meeting with the bariatric surgeon team next week to discuss .

These episodes are getting worse and worse when they happen including me passing out, vomiting, blood in my stool my hemo drops into the 5's, i have gotten several blood transfusions to help. I really need to get this fixed. Any thoughts would be appreciated !!!

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