Restarting secret pals?! reposting

on 7/23/12 3:07 am - SAN PABLO, CA
 Hi all Readers

I have in the past been apart of doing secret pals and I have been looking into doing it again, but it doesn't seem to be running so I am looking to see if maybe I could restart it myself! I first would like to see if there is any members in joining in and becoming secret pals. Also I would like to know if I need to be a OH leader to do it so if any OH leaders is reading this can you please notify me with the answer to that question please and thanks. I loved how well it went for me and know the things I received I still use today and hopefully the things I sent my pal she is enjoying

Any and all comments are needed thanks all!!!
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on 8/12/12 2:09 pm - Cortland, IL
 Hi! I would like to be a part of the secret pals. And...if you need help setting them up I can help.
on 10/31/12 3:20 pm - KS

never been a part of seceret pals but could use one

Jennifer Mullin

on 10/31/12 11:53 pm - Cortland, IL

Hi Jennifer,

I sent them out in September for Sept-Dec. I had six responses.

I have not hear from the gal I was matched up with in about three weeks....not sure what happened.

I hope the others are having a better time with this that I did. LOL

I think it is a great idea.

Thanks for the offer. I can let you know if there are others.


on 12/19/12 9:24 am - Canada

idk how it works but it sounds fun. lol

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