what happenes at a pulmonary apointment?

on 12/8/15 7:37 am

Hello I am in the process of getting approval for a sleeve surgery and they say i need clearance from pulmonology. I am pretty sure I don't have sleep apnea. I sleep all night and i don't stop breathing.  I have an appointment set up with a nurse practitioner and i was wondering what to expect.  Will they just ask me questions? I hope i don't have to have an overnight sleep study i have young kids. The surgeon's office said they may not require one. I am asuming if i don't have symptoms of apnea that they will probably just release me?



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on 12/9/15 12:11 pm
RNY on 05/04/15

It depends on the clinic and program. My program requires everyone to at least have a home sleep test because over 70% of people with a BMI > 35 have sleep apnea.

on 2/9/16 10:07 am

The first appointment they just ask you questions. I was refered to a pulmonologist because my ABG showed it was lower than it should be. The surgeon wanted to know if it was sleep apnea or the extra weight that caused it. The pulmonologist recomended a at home sleep study. I picked up my equipment(they showed me how to uses it)  and slept with it for 2 nights(at home) then returned it.  My next step is meeting with the pulmonologist for results. They said i will only need a C-pap if i am in the moderate/severe range. 

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