Aerophagia and Gastric bypass

on 2/4/17 11:30 am

I've been working through all the requirements for gastric bypass since 9/ 2016. I've used a CPAP for the past 6 years now. About 2 years ago I started having trouble with burping and feeling too much air in my stomach when I wake up in the morning. My doctor repeated my sleep study and said that my numbers have not really changed but he put me on an auto titrate setting instead. He said I also had the option of going to a mouth  unit instead of a CPAP machine . Using titrate setting has helped but I still find that sometimes I wake up feeling very bloated and full of air and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night burping. I'm concerned with whether this is going to be harmful right after surgery. Has anyone gone through this?

Renee C.
on 2/11/17 7:41 pm - Bellevue, WA
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Ohh,  I hate this feeling.  The stomach full of air, ugh.  I could not use my CPAP at all after surgery for a couple of days.  My setting is on 24 and after surgery it felt like trying to breathe in a hurricane.  Not a chance.  They had me on oxygen and I slept with my head elevated and seemed to do OK.

Now at home I'm able to use it but it's still too high; I need to make an appt for a followup sleep study. And it scares me too, the thought  of all that air in my newly cut little stomach.  Dang did I have some awfully painful gas.  I'm on a steady stream of GasX (max per day) now to help calm it.

Something to ask my surgeon once he's back from vacation.

Looking forward to other people's replies.



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on 2/11/17 8:38 pm

Renee- Thanks for replying. Do you think you gas is from your CPAP?

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