Dropped the mask and am using the mouthpiece...

on 7/6/17 10:54 am

Yeah, did the whole thing...Sleep study (mild sleep apnea). Tried the mask...Just the nose pieces. That still didn't work...I felt I was suffocating. So I went back and got a referral to a dentist to try the mouth piece. I use it about 1/3 of the time...Trying to remember to put it in. When I have it in I have a hard time getting to sleep. I usually sleep on my stomach with one leg up (without the mouth piece). But I can't sleep that way with the mouth piece...My drool drains out my mouth, so I wake up 1/2 asleep. It is hard to sleep on my back...Just doesn't feel right with the mouth piece in there. Last night I finally found a position that works for "me"...You may be different. Everyone is different in their situations.

I will sleep in a posture where I am 1/2 way between my side and back. I turn about 45 degrees to my side. I then adjust my legs to a comfortable position. I think I have only slept in this position once with my mouth piece in. I think it puts less pressure on my stomach (the jelly rolls (fat on my sides) have less pressure).

I have also lost some weigh in the last few weeks (over 10 years out). I am exercising and eating better. I've gone below 200 pounds last night...It may help with the apnea. I have insomnia and am weaning off of a lot of sleep meds...It's been hard. I've had 2 heart attacks over the years, so I need to watch my apnea and sleep a lot. Just sharing my journey. Brian

Kathy S.
on 9/1/17 8:12 am

Before you self-diagnose yourself and switch to the mouth piece, I would recommend you return to your doctor and have a new sleep study done. Maybe you don't need it ... maybe you need the mask with the pressurized air ... only your doctor should be telling you what to do.

on 9/1/17 10:19 am

I'll see the sleep doctor next week. He will decide whether a new sleep study is necessary. If the insurance approves it, I'll do it. If not...No more studies.

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