CPAP and Surgeon Approval?

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I would like to know a bit about how the surgeon approves a person with sleep apnea? My bariatric physician advised me that I will not be approved by the surgeon if I am not using my CPAP every night. Let me give you some quick background -

I have had two sleep studies earlier this year and it was found that I have severe sleep apnea. It was 118/hour and went to 1.4 with the CPAP. I hated sleeping with it though, and had rented the "grey cube", the Dream Station, now I own the ResMed.

I purchased my CPAP two weeks ago and it shows I've been using it 9/14 nights, and only 1/14 for 4h+.

I am definitely getting my butt in gear and going to use it every night, the entire night; but I'm worried that I won't be approved because the surgeon won't think I've been using it as I should. How does s/he verify this?

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My surgeon didn't check my CPAP for compliance but that might be because my sleep study doctor has been tracking it and I'm super compliant.

I can't encourage you enough to start using it every single time you sleep, and use it the entire time. You are literally KILLING BRAIN CELLS when you don't, not to mention damaging your heart, liver and kidneys. The discipline of forcing yourself to use the CPAP is good training for the self discipline needed post weight loss surgery.

You can do this, your brain will thank you!!!

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on 9/21/17 11:26 am

Thank you for your reply. I have been using it steadily this week, and sure have noticed a difference in clarity. I had got so used to having brain fog all the time, it's nice to feel fully alert again.

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RNY on 05/16/18

It took me 2 years to get use to sleeping with my Cpap. Don't give up so soon!

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