What would be signs I don't need CPAP anymore? Pressure on APAP now 5.5cm

on 10/21/19 2:01 pm
VSG on 04/18/19

Good morning everyone

i had Gastric Sleeve surgery in April this year and have lost 35kg in the last 6 months which is awesome. My APAP machine pressure reading has gone from between a 12 - 14cm to now being a 5.5cm. My AHIs since starting CPAP have always been 1 or under

i have a repeat sleep study booked in for January but I'm wondering whether I should ask for it to be done sooner given how low the pressure reading is now. Or does that pressure reading not really mean much and I should wait until January?

Any thoughts would be appreciated

many thanks

Kath L
on 10/22/19 10:36 am

I have sleep apnea and am looking forward to weight loss and not needing the CPAP machine.

I would say just keep using it, as is, until you get your sleep study done in January. You have no way of knowing if you are not breathing at night because you are "sleeping." I think the only true way of knowing is at a sleep study. And I wouldn't do it sooner because you will still be losing weight between now and the January appointment. You can use this time to lose more and maybe by the time the January appointment rolls around, they just might say you don't need it at all.

... just my two cents.

Good luck!

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