Sleep Apnea after Surgery

Kath L
on 11/27/19 9:03 am

So ... I had the gastroscopy done last week and the anaesthesiologist said that I still have a 50/50 chance of having sleep apnea after the weight loss. Ughhh. He said that if I look in my mouth, I will notice that my tongue and my uvula do not have a lot of space in between ... thus sleep apnea. He said that after weight loss, the weight on my neck will decrease and help that ... but he gives me only 50/50 chance that it will cure my sleep apnea.

I'm a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong ... I'm looking forward to the surgery and weight loss so that I am healthier but I was hoping to ditch the CPAP. Time will tell I guess.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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on 12/3/19 6:06 pm - PA

I had the lapband done in 2010 and have kept off 100 pounds. I have not been able to ditch my C-PAP however. The pressure is lower but I still need it. Actually I needed it at a lower weight than I am now so I really shouldn't be surprised! I had a skinny friend that needed a C-PAP so it's not always weight related. I'm sorry but you never know what may happen. If you need it you should still use it - please don't be like some and just quit using it. Your heart health depends on using it.

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