Vertical banded gastroplasty surgery for 10 years

on 12/21/14 12:22 pm

Hello Folks,

Actually this is my first time to join bariatricpal fourms.

I had Vertical banded gastroplasty surgery in Feb. 2005 ( 10 years ago), I was 364 lb, the Operation went fine with me and i kept losing weight for about 4 years untill i got 218 lb. which is great, in 2010 and 2011 I started to gain some weight i thought it's normal but right now i started to eat again like nothing happened, and i gain half the weight again and I am almost 298lb.

I am so disappointed and feel very bad , is there any one has the same VBG and Revisions it to GS and how it works, and what about the result


on 6/16/15 8:33 am

Hi Mark,

It's been awhile since you've asked this question, yet I didn't see this until today.

I had a VBGB in 1998 and lost all my weight but by late 2004 - I noticed that I was able to eat larger quantities and also was able to eat ice cream again w/o dumping!  NOT good, as naturally I ate more ice cream than ever, trying to make up for lost time, I guess.

What happened was I had actually pulled out my staples.  I remember that I could feel it, it didn't hurt at all but it was a strange sensation.  It would happen when I was doing heavy work;  raking, shoveling, stacking wood, etc., and would happen out of the blue.

I had a CT scan to confirm and sure enough - I had pulled them all out.

The doctor really jumped through hoops for me to get my insurance to pay for it - stating that the surgery had failed and needed to be redone.

Thankfully, I was approved and had the redo in August of 2005 and haven't had any issues yet.

The doctor said he put in a 'super-duper double line of staples' so that it shouldn't happen again.

I've re-lost the gained weight during my 'reprieve' lol, and now live well below my original goal weight.

For me - I was never able, and never WILL be able to control my personal eating habits.  The surgery was the only way for me and if you were to take away the staples today, tomorrow I would be eating just like I used to.

It's not that I'm stupid or unwilling or anything like that... it's simply that I lack the self-control to eat normally. 

I wish you the best and hope you have found a solution by the time you read this.

on 7/22/15 2:50 pm - Grand Rapids , MI
VSG on 08/12/15

Hello I have a daughter that underwent the lap band of some sort and to date she really don't look like she has lost much at all.  When I told my man I was getting weight loss surgery he said it's a waste of time look at our daughter then I explained the surgery she had has a very high fail rate he is excited for me but still kinda optimisti.  I've been researching for many years and have finally got my date I'm having vgs on 8/12/15 I would consider a revision to VGS that is just me thought.  Any surgery is a tool it's how you use it 

Good luck!

Elia Maria Saenz

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