Issues with Mesh used in BBC surgery

on 4/30/15 11:59 pm

I had my VBG surgery 30 years ago. About 15 Yeats ago I developed an ulcer which caused the staples to rupture. Now I am having trouble again and found out that opening has gotten smaller and the mesh has migrated to the inside of my stomach.  Has anyone had similar issues.  

on 6/16/15 9:00 am

Hi Michele,

I had a VBGB in 1998 and again in 2005 due to the staples being pulled out!

I remember being able to feel it... there was no pain at all, just a strange pulling feeling.  This would usually happen after doing heavy labor such as raking, shoveling, stacking wood, etc.

The doctor was able to get my insurance to pay for another surgery due to 'failed' surgery the first time around.

I didn't know they offered this surgery 30 years ago!  I hope it was successful for you and I truly hope you are able to resolve your health issues now as a result of the original surgery.

Good luck ~ 

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