sleeve or the switch

on 1/18/16 11:28 pm
VSG on 03/01/16

Hello. I'm Kerri and new to the process. I'm 5'2" and weigh 225. It looks like my surgery will be in March.

I have been reading forums and having second thoughts which I brought up to my nurse today. I was thinking of maybe doing the switch instead. I notice a lot of folks do not lose all of the excess weight with the sleeve and can easily gain it backback. My nueae said they felt the sleeve would be beat as I don't have an excessive amount if weight to lose. I'm just getting confused. When I went to the seminar the Dr seemed to really push the switch as results are better.

Can anyone give me advice? Does the sleeve help with hunger like the switch and other surgeries?

Thanks in advance


Lois S.
on 1/24/16 1:56 pm - Neenah, WI

Hi Kerry,

The type of surgery shouldn't be based on how well the statistics are.  There are different types of surgeries because people are overweight for many reasons.  I had the VBG almost 12 years ago, lost 145 lbs, and have kept it off this whole time.  I received many criticisms because the surgery success rate is less than that of others.  Well, the truth is that every surgery works, but it only works was long as as well as the patient chooses to work it.  There are enough people who have had the revisions and have gained the weight back, but it is because the steps taken, the lifestyle changes that were made during their success are left by the wayside once the goal has been met.  There is no 100% guarantee that whatever surgery you get will keep the weight off.  That is completely up to you and you have to make the decision to change your life, the things you eat, the way you eat and choices you make in order to ensure success.  This is not a quick fix, but a lifetime change.  Good luck.

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