VBG revision

on 4/15/16 7:11 am

Well I am two weeks away from my old vertical banded gastroplasty being revised to a RNY.  It has been a long time now, 13 years and I should have looked into this 10 years ago as the surgery never really did much other than make me throw food back up - a lot.   I did get a feeling of full in the beginning, but it slowly went away and the weight slowly came back.  Anyone else out there have this revision?  It's hard to find similar situations as mine.  

on 8/14/16 11:48 am - Parrottsville, TN

I have the same issue. I am looking into have something done.  Still new to educating myself as to what options have open to me.  Never knew they could do a revision.  Good luck!


tracy O.
on 9/28/16 11:39 am - shelby

I am looking into VBG also. I was banded in 2004 HW-350 LW-208 CW-260 and I still throw up food everyday. please keep us posted as to how things go for you.

VBG 2004 SW: 360   CW:260   GOAL WEIGHT: 150 - LOOKING INTO RNY





michelle A.
on 11/21/17 4:33 pm - newport

has Your Dr looked for H-pylori?

Thats what my dr found when I started vomiting ANYTHING I ate again (18 yrs after surgery)

michelle A.
on 11/21/17 4:38 pm - newport

How did your revision go? I need one now because my VGB eroded and now I have no restriction at all ? was 407lbs when I started this back in 1997, went down to 130 (not by choice) because of the infection H-pylori, but once the Hpylori was cured the infection stayed on the ring and it eroded itself and is now just hanging out inside of my pouch and gives absolutely no restriction and I'm back up to 242 pounds. I wanna cry because there's NO dr's who will touch me in my state

on 11/28/17 8:05 am

Wow that's tough. Up here in Canada it was covered by our health care and my surgeon did an amazing job. No more food (especially meat) getting stuck and fixed a lot of those issues. Revised to a RNY gastric bypass and best thing I ever did. Should have done that in the first place but VBG was what was offered to me back then. There are some medical travel choices I would definitely consider. Here is a good website.

Cosmetic Travel Solutions on Facebook

I think she has gone to every place she recommends and checked it out herself. It's not just cosmetics but other stuff too.

Good luck with your situation. Keep us posted!

michelle A.
on 11/25/18 7:45 am - newport

ð?'? hi there!

It's a year later BUT finally in 2 days I have surgery to remove the eroded ring and at the same time he will give me a Full gastric bypass.

I found a surgeon in my small state (an hour and half away from me but at least it's in my state). I feel confident he knows what he's doing ?, he has a huge practice and a whole floor to the hospital just for his patients.

Im on day 13 of my pre surgery liquid diet (thanksgiving was Worst)

How's your weight loss going? How about eating, still no throwing up?

Since you've already gone thru this, do you have any words of wisdom for me?

Thank you, and Belated Happy thanksgiving

on 11/29/18 5:50 am

Still the best thing I've ever done! I lost 80 of the 100 I wanted and I still want to lose the other 20. In fact the new surgeon won't do my panni removal unless I lose another 10-15 at least so I work on it daily! From surgery on I never had another stuck food item again and can't believe how awful that first surgery was.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

michelle A.
on 1/9/19 12:10 pm - newport

Hey there Okgal,

I'm glad to hear that your still doing great. I had skin removal in 2007&2008 and I'd do it again and suggest it to others even tho I went thru hell because I caught MRSA while being operated on and the surgery had to be stopped (they were at the my thighs at the time so my thighs are still my biggest problem/fat area)

my surgery went ok, but I caught a respiratory infection and have been sick ever since, so I was so nauseous from the mucus draining in my stomach I Couldn't eat for the longest time. Only good thing that came of that is I've already lost 61 pounds because of it.

Im 6 weeks out, and just finally started to be able to eat. Problem is, I'm still nauseous most of the time I try and eat.... food doesn't taste anything like it should or like it used to.

Did u ever have these issue? Will this go away? I really hope so, I need to be able to eat to get in nutrients and protein

on 1/28/19 8:18 am

Sorry to hear about your infection. I also had a post op infection that brought me down. Yes the first few weeks everything tasted weird and different. I couldn't tolerate dairy at all. It took a lot of trial and error, soups, soft foods but it does get better. Day by day. You. You may have to drink your nutrients for now or partly anyway. The protein drinks and ensure etc. I'm sure your doing that already. The only ones I could tolerate were Unjury medical quality powders. They were pretty good and they have a chicken broth one you can add to food too. Good luck!

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