Crystal Light and sore throat

on 5/18/10 8:43 pm - Rowlett, TX
I have been drinking crystal light almost exclusivly to ensure I am getting in my recuired amount of water for the past week or so. I thought I was coming down with a cold but not I wander if it is the drink that is giving me a dry scratchy throat? Anyone else experience this?
on 5/19/10 12:35 am - Cayman Islands
Yep, that's what it does to me too. So I figure if artificial sweeteners can do that to my throat, what are they doing to the inside of my body??! I stay far, far away from anything with artificial sweeteners.
on 5/19/10 12:42 am - Rowlett, TX
I also think that it may be partly responsible for the stall in my weight loss. I just could not figure out why I was not losing for pre-op even though I have been very good. I am going to cut it out and see if that helps.

I know if I drink too much tea with sweet n low, my kidneys hurt. Darn. I really liked the stuff too.
on 5/19/10 3:22 am
I drink approximately 60-80ozs. of Crystal Light a day now.  I have been doing this for at least 2 years now and it has never given me a sore throat.  I started doing this to get off of Diet Cokes and I only drink maybe 1 or 2 a week now.  Glad I am already use to drinking the Crystal Light prior to my surgery.  I don't know what kind of Crystal Light you are drinking but the Lemonade seems to make me more thrishty.  I drink mainly the Peach Mango Green Tea or Peach Tea.
Mandyplus2 ..
on 5/19/10 3:28 am - GA
The lemonade started giving me a sore throat but the peach tea, fruit punch, and raspberry flavors dont.

on 5/19/10 4:40 am - Deltona, FL
I drink at least 5 16oz bottles a day of the Iced Tea, with no problems, I have also had many of the fruit punch and rasberry with no issues either. There are lots of people who stay away from artificial sweetners for many different reasons, but for me, after surgery, I had a very big problem getting down plain water, there is some kind of tension or something that makes it very hard for me to get it down without some kind of flavor.  Maybe you should try a different flavor?

Good luck-hope the sore throat goes away!

on 5/19/10 4:45 am, edited 5/19/10 4:46 am - Davenport, IA
Are you newly sleeved ?- could this be occurring because of the surgery and not the crystal light? I had a little sore throat for up to a week or so after the surgery. Tubes going in your throat during surgery often scratch the area and cause a sore throat. Just an idea!!!?? I've not had any problems with drinking the pink lemonade - drink it everyday.
on 5/19/10 5:51 am - Rowlett, TX
Nope. I am scheduled for June 9th. I did a little research on this topic and found that there are a lot of people with this issue. I have had 4 flavors and the same results. I have not tried the tea though and think I will give it a go. I thought I found my answer to getting the water down but I guess not.
on 5/19/10 7:34 am - Davenport, IA
yeah that's a drag. Hope the tea works for you!!!
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