Refried Beans -- Aren't they a low-carb diet NIGHTMARE??

on 6/27/10 11:14 am
Helllo Everyone!
I'm getting ready to advance to the soft food/mushy stage of my diet and everyone talks about how wonderful refried beans and cheese was for this stage. Welllll....I was in my local Kroger recently and was checking out some of the nutrition labels for the refried beans and they are LOADED with carbs. I thought this was a no-no? My surgeon's plan has a 20 g of carbs a day maximum and if I ate refried beans I'd be WAY over this limit. What gives? Is there some low carb version I know nothing about?

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Longhorn Girl
on 6/27/10 11:16 am, edited 6/27/10 11:16 am - Austin, TX
Not everyone has a low carb plan. Go with what your doctor is recommending and skip the beans if you need to. I ate them, but I don't care that much about carbs. I try to cut way down on processed white carbs, but I'm fine with the carbs in veggies, fruits, beans and nuts.
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on 6/27/10 11:36 am - Scott, LA
My doctor and NUT don't allow starchy beans until 6 months after surgery.  So I haven't eaten any.  But all doctors have different post op diets so my advise is to do whatever YOUR doctor tells you to do.

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on 6/27/10 12:15 pm
I think after surgery, Doctors or dieticians concern is to have or get in enough protein.....beans is a good source of protein.
on 6/27/10 12:24 pm
I am not an expert, but I've worked in kitchens and with nutrition for many years now. I've lived an Atkins type diet most of my adult life on and off, but I'm also a 'wannabe' sleever, so I may not have all the facts, however.....

Something to keep in mind about carbs, especially if you are new to Low Carb/Atkins style diets....there are sugar carbs and fiber carbs. If you look at the total amount of carbs some foods that are allowed look completely off the chart, until you subtract the fiber carbs. I just looked up "refried beans canned" on google and found they have 15 total carbs but 5 of those are fiber, so in reality they are 10 carbs per serving. I highly doubt you will be able to eat an entire 'serving' of 100gms of the beans so even if you do eat a few tablespoons of them you won't have anything to worry about on low-carb.

Best wishes....
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on 6/27/10 12:28 pm - Modesto, CA
thats so unhealthy 20 grams of carbs ask your nut not your doctor i guantee she will advise more than 20, how are you supposed get your energy with very few carbs, thats what your heart and brain run on
on 6/27/10 1:56 pm - Vancouver, Canada
One can get all the energy they need from strictly meat and fats.  It is a fallacy that one needs more than 20 carbs a day.  A very interesting read is "Good Calories Bad Calories", Gary Taubes. 0033462
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Margo N.
on 6/27/10 12:35 pm
Everybody is different, and many folks do really well on very low carb diets - your body does adjust and draw glycogen from your fat stores if there are no carbs on board.

I make refried beans with Eden Organic Black Soy Beans - they are very low carb, higher in protein than most beans, and I think they are tasty. I just drain the can and rinse the beans, sautee some chopped onion and garlic in olive oil, dump in the beans along with a little chicken broth, coo****il heated through, and mash a little bit. Very tasty with slasa and or melted cheese on top! One can lasts a long time for me,so I freeze small portions and just nuke 'em when I want one.
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DebbieJean W.
on 6/27/10 1:20 pm, edited 6/27/10 1:21 pm - Katy, TX
My doc didn't give me a maximum carb daily intake nor did I set one for myself. I have always eaten as I did before for the most part. I was always a volume eater and not a junk foodie or sweet tooth gal. Taco Bell's pintos n cheese has 170 calories, 19 g. carbs, 6 grams of fat and 9 g. of protein per serving. I was able to eat 1/3 of a serving at one sitting. I don't do canned refried beans. You'd get a better nutritional value if you cooked a pot of beans yourself and mashed them up( I grew up eating this almost everyday). Best of luck to ya!

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on 6/27/10 2:51 pm - San Jose, CA
The brain and body can also run on fat just fine. What would your body be running on if you were fasting and not taking in any carbs?

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