Incision scars...once healed what do they look like?

on 10/23/10 12:02 am
I have a slightly weird request, I have seen pictures of people's incisions right after surgery, which of course are usually at their worse and honestly not that bad. 

However, one part are of my body I've always liked is my stomach, it's smooth, without any stretch marks (even after having had my son at over 300lbs) and it's very evenly coloured.  Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share what the incisions look like after they've healed and after you've lost all of your weight? 

I have a scar on my neck from a biopsy when they thought I had cancer, one at my bikini line from my C-section and one on my back from having had a diskectomy this past May.  I wish there was a way I could have surgery without having more scars, but that's probably not going to happen huh? *Giggles*  I have also heard that some surgeon's go in via the belly button, I don't think mine does, but I'd also be curious to see what their incisions look like after they are healed as well. 

Also, what do they feel like, I know my current scars have a different texture and feel than the rest of my skin, sometimes they still itch even after all these years.  I'm just wondering if maybe my skin is more sensitive than others or do others also find this? 

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VSG on 05/04/09 with
Not weird!  My belly 3 days after surgery.

My belly 10 months out (I pointed out the scars!)

Edit to add - Dr. A tends to not have very big scars, unless you are a keloid scar person. And he goes in up above your belly button, not inside your belly button.  Also, you can see the worst of the scarring is from the damage I did to my belly skin by being heavy for so long, not the incisions :}

Also, I had not lost also of my weight by the time this picture was taken - but its essentially the same now.. just a little more wrankly!  Yaay wrankles!
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Thanks for sharing, I can barely see the incision lines at all!  That's amazing!  Of course I know that doesn't mean I will have the same outcome, but I can always hope! *Giggles* 

Now I must go research what you mean by a keloid scar person! *Giggles*  With my luck, that will be me! *Pouts*  *LOL* 

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on 10/23/10 12:57 am
VSG on 05/04/09 with
I do not think so, if you neck is not scarred up bad.

this is an extreme picture, but keloids, nonetheless

See how they are raised up? That is keloid scarring

on 10/23/10 1:07 am
Whew!! No, none of my scars are that bad, or that elevated, they are more indented actually.  They do tend to widen though.  They are not as thin as yours for sure, but I had some infection for two of my three incisions while they were healing so maybe that is the cause of the widening?  They also took some time to fade and become closer to my natural skin tone. 
on 10/23/10 12:20 am - Hawthorne, CA
Wow, you scar well!  I am  3 years out from my lapband and my scars are darker, I mean I notice them (and people in my aqua aerobics class noticed) but they are fading.  I think if you use those silicone scar patches and use Retin A religiously afterward that will help out greatly.  I think I'll go order some Retin A to help my scars fade faster.


on 10/23/10 12:56 am
I've never heard of silicone scar patches but I have heard of Retin-A... I'll have to keep those in mind.  Thanks for the input!
on 10/23/10 12:23 am - Rhinelander, WI
My surgeon went thru my belly button and only one small incision up underneath my bust. They are just a faint pink now 2.5 months out from surgery. You can't even tell anything is different about my belly button unless you really look hard.


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That's amazing!  And you're doing so well too (note on your ticker).  I wish my surgeon would do the procedure this way, but I highly doubt he does, however I will ask him about it when I meet with him, you never know?  Although if I could have results like those of Brandilynn's above I'd be quite thrilled.

P.S. You had your surgery on my birthday!   What a great day! *Giggles* 
on 10/23/10 12:44 am - MI
Mine are very much like Brandi's. They are very small. My surgeon did not go through my belly button nor did I have a drain.

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