Hey newbies - 87 lbs lost, wt gain/stalls and thyroid

on 3/24/11 1:38 pm - Nashville, TN
Its been a while since I last posted. I have had a pretty good run with no stalls since surgery and have lost 87 lbs. This last week, I gained a couple lbs, but I chalk it up to a sodium/body adjustment that'll right itself soon enough.

Its always so helpful to read when others have incidents like this - reminds me that this is normal.

Today I had an appt with my pcp. He got my blood work back and Imagine my surprise when he told me I'm borderline Hypothyroid. He said easy fix and proscribed meds for it. Glad about that. Even after all this weight lost, I still wake up tired an sluggish. Yes, sometimes its b/c I stayed up late, but more often that not, I bet its because I have a Hypothyroid. I'll be interested to see if the meds regulate things and my energy level increases. Lets hope!

Other interesting 4 month news..hair loss - check, acid reflux- check, struggle with getting enough water - check check. Oh, and I went on my first DATE (Blind date even!) since well before surgery last night. Although I felt very rusty, he was very complimentary and has texted me several times today about how much he enjoyed meeting me and looked forward to our next get together.

All that said, if someone asked me if I had to do it over again, would I still have gotten sleeved ... to them I say a resounding HECK YA! I'm getting my life, my confidence and positive outlook back again. I hope any pre-ops and newbies reading this are encouraged.. The sleeve is just a tool, but if you work it, none of the above is too tough to deal with. And the upside is amazing. Just keep to your dr's program and trust in the effectiveness of the sleeve. It'll work for you.

Best of luck to ya'll. 

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on 3/24/11 2:44 pm
Remember don't do soy with hypothyroid.  If you use soy based milk change to almond milk.  The only difference I noticed after taking levothyroxin was my body temp was more normal, my hair and nails got a bit better and if I didn't take it for a few days then I got hormonal .  (Thyroid meds are basically hormones.)
on 3/24/11 2:50 pm - Houston, TX
 Yah, mine IS hyperthyroidism now....I was put on a medication for 6 months...I am now entering the 4th month and I am doing MUCH better... My main issue was a high heart rate that caused me to be so tired that I could not walk from my bed to the kitchen without getting winded.
May D.
on 3/25/11 12:22 am
VSG on 02/23/11 with
I've been hypothyroid for 5 years and 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  If you're borderline, it's nothing.  Unfortunately, once you're on that road, there's no going back.  It takes a while for doctor's to find exactly the right dosage, and in the meantime your TSH levels could be affected.  I would def check in with your doc every month for a new TSH test.  I ended up having to go to an Endocrinologist who upped my dosage from 88 to 135mcg of Synthroid because I never felt good.  I do feel better now with the higher dosage, but will never get over being tired all the time.  A lot of that could be from weight loss too.

Congratulations on your weight loss and hope you continue to remain healthy.