Back/hip pain after losing weight?

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on 3/26/11 6:15 am
Something I've heard first hand from a few WLS people, and occasionally read on here is new or reemerging lower back pain after dropping significant weight.. wondering if anyone out there can share their experience with this (if it happened to you) and if it went away after a while, or if there were exercises that may have helped. My lower back has been pain free for several years, my upper back is a different story.. last time I had lower back issues, I was 100lbs smaller. 
on 3/26/11 7:04 am - Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis
One of my docs told me something interesting- When we are obese we have a nice, cushiony layer of fat that kind of insulates, lines, and keeps everything in place. When we lose that fat we may notice things move around more which can cause pain...

As I am losing my protective layer (lol, what am i a seal?) I have noticed some aches and pains. I had lower back pain worse than before surgery for the first 2 months after surgery after losing 45lbs. It seems to have subsided now and I havent felt any for about a month.

I also have these weird sensations which I think I am realizing is feeling the movement or structure of my actual hip and ribs. I didnt seem to "feel" them when I had 60lbs of insulation.

Just something to think about. Hope your back pain subsides or doesnt return as you shrink!


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Alicia L.
on 3/26/11 7:41 am - Wichita, KS
I agree with Kristen.  I've noticed some mid and low back pain since I've lost weight.  I've started stretching a lot, doing some back strengthening exercises, and watching my posture.  Seems to be helping.

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on 3/26/11 8:57 am - Lansing, MI
I've been having the same hip and back pain which is not normal for me.  After doing some online checking I see that it's often related to low Vitamin D levels.  I am having mine checked this week, have you checked your levels recently?
on 3/26/11 9:13 am - MD
I have had some significant hip pain during the weight loss process, not unbearable, but enough to wake me up at nights.  I think mine comes from the extensive walking I do for exercise.  On days when I don't over-do it, it lessens, and mostly I'm okay just taking a pain pill when necessary.  Pop-Pop
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on 3/27/11 6:12 am
I was in such pain the day of my surgery! UGH- my lower back caused me to scream out WHILE on the OR table. The surgery(a VSG) was nothing compared to the pain I was feeling. The surgeon and his staff propped a pillow behind my knees which didn't work.They went so far as to place a bedpan behind my lumbar spine JUST for support!!!

Several weeks after surgery, I sought out the assistance of a Chiropractor and Orthopedist. I am feeling soooo much better.
on 5/17/11 2:15 pm - MA
Before I had the surgery I was not having alot of back pain. Prior to the surgery, i lost weight doing the atkins diet and as I was losing weight I started to have a lot of back pain. When i gained the weight back and then some, my back pain started to go away. Now after the surgery, I have been suffering with severe back pain and no back specialist can find out why. Has anyone figured out if this can be caused by a vitamin deficiency? 
on 7/15/12 3:52 am
 Lower hip and back pain is common for people who are losing weight. The most important thing you can do for yourself is regulary engage in back exercises to strengthen your back muscles, make sure you consume enough calcium, and keep engaged in a weight loss forum for support - whether it's digital, or in-person support group.
on 11/17/13 12:18 pm

I have severe mid back pain everyday for most of the day. At my peak i weighed 357 lbs. when i got serious about the surgery, i underwent a weight loss program and got down to 285-290 lbs. i had the surgery in 2010 and am now at 196 lbs...which would make me ecstatic if it weren't for all of the daily pain. I have gone through everything from physical therapy to having an MRI. Physically, the doctors say all is well. Just as i was about to wave the B.S. flag, they gave me an explanation that seems to make sense. Before we gained our weight, our abs and back muscles had fairly even weight loads they had to fight against to keep us walking upright. As our fronts started getting heavier from lack of exercise and bad eating habits our abs started getting weaker and our back muscles had to start working harder to keep us from falling on our faces. As you can guess, the weaker our abs got, the stronger our back muscles got. 

Fast forward to a much healthier weight... now there is less weight in the front for the back muscles to have to pull against. Depending on how heavy you were at your peak and for how long you were there, you could have the back muscles of Superman and the abs of Pee Wee Herman. Now, your back muscles (which are used to pulling much heavier loads) are pulling too hard, and your abs (which aren't used....well, at all) aren't pulling hard enough. Basically, your back is in a constant state of contraction, which for ladies who have had children know really sucks!

So, the treatment is strengthening your core so that it can take some of the strain off of your back. This way they are pulling more evenly, which hopefully means less back pain. I haven't quite got there yet, so i don't know how true this is. Even though i do my core exercises and stretches, i have a very physically demanding job. I could work my abs for an hour a day, but i work out my back for 10 hours a day at work, so it feels like i may never get there. Pain medication and a positive attitude go a loooooooong way. Oh, and a nice hot bath doesn't hurt either.

I hope this may have shed some light and possibly helped someone.

Keep up the good work. You only have one life, so anything you can do to lengthen it is a step in the right direction!

on 12/27/13 4:59 am
Thankyou for your post! I had GB May 2013 and went from 235 to 162 so far. Since I hit about 175lbs my lower left back and left hip have been getting increasingly worse! I am on 38 and I am constantly having to lay down and it is really starting to affect my family ): My boys are getting frustrated. ): My Physical Therapist said all I have to do is strengthen my core. Unfortunately the more I work on my core the worse my pain gets. (: Oh well, I am staying positive and I really appreciate your post! It helped me alot! Thanks!(: