7 weeks out tomorrow and NSV

charmaine A.
on 3/27/11 2:46 pm - MI
Tomorrow I will be 7 weeks out, and I just recently had to go buy a new pair of jeans for my new job.. I never expected my day though.  I went to Fashion Bug today and figured since I was a 32 at my surgery date, and I knew I have lost over 50 pounds, I figured ok 28 would be good.  Well those were too big. So I try on 26s, too big, and the 24 fit perfectly...When I started this journey I made a promise to myself that I would not base my weighloss by the scale number or size, but how I felt.  I do not weigh myself only at my doctors, I have a scale and I put it away. I stood there in the dressing room dancing..(im sure the saleslady thought I was nuts). Many times I would read posts about how people went down in clothing sizes and really honestly had never got excited over clothes..but today I realized my life is going to change Finally..It was the change that amazed me..
Best of Luck, Charmaine
on 3/27/11 2:52 pm - holt, MO
charmaine A.
on 3/27/11 3:04 pm - MI
Best of Luck, Charmaine
on 3/27/11 2:57 pm
Congratulations, Charmaine....Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your news with us!! Fantastic.
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charmaine A.
on 3/27/11 3:05 pm - MI
thanks so much...I will keep everyone informed as they happen.
Best of Luck, Charmaine
sleeve genie
on 3/27/11 3:00 pm - Alhambra, CA
That's so great,  its things like this that continually amaze me about this journey we are all on.   Sometimes you read a post and think   "i'd like that to happen"  then it does.  Or "oh that won't happen to me, or i never cared that much about ......  its a hellofa ride  !!! Congratulations on doing so well.  :o) Jeani
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charmaine A.
on 3/27/11 3:06 pm - MI
Thanks Jeani..I am really enjoying this ride so far..Keep up the good work yourself, I love your posts and your responses to others.
Best of Luck, Charmaine
on 3/27/11 3:08 pm - Harbor City, CA
wow...amazing. you must feel sooOOOooOOOooooOooo gooood!  thanks for sharing..it gives me hope.

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charmaine A.
on 3/28/11 4:52 am - MI
thanks...your doing great!
Best of Luck, Charmaine
diane S.
on 3/27/11 3:11 pm
Love these stories. But wear out those jeans because they will be too big before long! Diane

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