Checking in - week 6 post-op (little long)

on 3/29/11 1:29 am - Round Rock, TX
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Just came off an extremely stressful weekend of moving from a 3 bedroom house into temporary digs of a 1 bedroom apartment.  I have to say by Sunday I was realizing how much harder it was to handle the stress without my old relationship with food! I know that I would have been able to cope better if I had been able to eat more freely - but I made it through! I still haven't found something to replace food as a coping mechanism which challenges me and my current depression and anxiety.

I am having trouble with having anxiety-like symptoms first thing in the morning that last for 4 or more hours. I don't know if it is true anxiety (knot in stomach, tightness in chest) or hunger or a combo of the 2. I drink about 4 oz of water immediatly upon rising and then try to get a protein shake in the first hour or so. I don't really feel better until after I have my snack that is protein/carb combo of some kind. I am trying not to use my anxiety meds at work because although they make the discomfortable feelings go away, they make me sleepy and I really don't need to be bothered be even less energy than I feel right now. Any suggestions on how to make my mornings start a little quicker/smoother?

Other than that I am making good progress with protein/liquids, I lost another pound in the last week and need to add some more supplements. I am currently only taking B12 sublingual (200mg), multi-vitamin, 5k Vit D, and Omega-3. I need to find a good iron with C that will not irritate my stomach and some calcium citrate - I would love some suggestions of some good choices on those.

Even with the current stresses I am making progress with my depression and anxiety but would love for some energy to return. I am still not happy with my sleeve but I am working hard at acceptance first and I am sure once I have that and more energy I will be well on my way to feeling great about it.

Thank you all, as always for your support!!!

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on 3/29/11 1:40 am
sorry you are having some struggles.  Can your dr help change your meds?
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I actually just started back on antidepressant about 2 1/2 weeks ago so it, along with counseling is helping...I just couldn't get in to the counselor last week which is too bad because I could have used it! I has been a rough road mentally/emotionally for me but it is getting better.  Thanks!

~*Sandy*~ Ht 5'7" HW 262/SW 254/GW 160/CW 155


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Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I too went back on anti-depressants and am 3 months out struggling with mood and fatigue. But I am feeling more normal everyday so I know eventually everything will be ok.

Congrats on your surgery!! And bless you for having to move, ugh I hate that!

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