Yeah! 90+ lbs after only 4+ months...

on 4/4/11 4:27 am - Nashville, TN
 Its hard to believe that a little more than 4 months after being sleeved I've lost 91 lbs. I had my doubts about the surgery...and about whether I would be compliant with such a major life change. But I have to say, that all in all, its not been that hard. First, I didn't die on the table - which was was my biggest fear pre-op. LOL. In fact, I had a complication-free experience thanks to a great surgeon, medical/hospital staff and lots of prayers! 

Yes, I've had issues with getting fluids and protein in, yes, I've wondered if I'd EVER have a BM, yes, i've I struggle with my vitamin schedule, yes, my hair is falling out by the brush fulls each am,  yes, after not losing anything after several days, I even thought "Ok, I think I'm done with this fad, its not working for me, I quit."  :) 

But, the truth is, none of these things have been that traumatic or frustrating. I've been able to face and deal with them all. (Ok, to be honest, the hair loss IS getting stressful, but I just keep thinking 'this too shall pass.').

I'm so thankful THANKFUL for OH, my surgeon's office and their after care program and of course my supportive family and friends. I read all the OH vet postings and really do learn so much. I'm often encouraged by the pre-ops and early post-ops b/c I can relate to where they're at - I'm there too! Its incredible to have a place like OH to go where you can find answers to most any question about this journey we're all on.

If I had to do it all over again..would I? Oh heck ya. I just wish I'd done it years ago. I look forward to the day I can claim my membership in the century club.. 9 more lbs baby, and I'm there! 

Best of luck to everyone!

on 4/4/11 4:30 am - Bremerton, WA
Wow!  That is awesome.  How much do you ultimately want to lose?
on 4/4/11 4:54 am - Nashville, TN
 Not sure. My dr and I have different goals. But, I should be done by summer one way or the other!
on 4/4/11 4:40 am - NJ
Congrats!  and thanks for posting.  You have made me feel so much better, because I'm at that "ok, I'm done with this" stage and it's only been 3 weeks!  (I'm on a stall and it's killing me). 

Keep up the great work!!

Nothing tastes as good as being thin will feel
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Nothing tastes as good as being thin will feel        
on 4/4/11 5:00 am - Nashville, TN
 I have sooo been there. What's funny about it is... when I did get to those points, I would think those very thoughts, but then realize, oops, this is permanent kiddo. You can' quit. (We'll I guess we could, but that would mean getting sick daily from the bad stuff we put in and the good stuff we don't). That made it so much easier in those moments to regroup and figure out a game plan to beat whatever was causing me to falter. Those were the times in my pre-op life I actually would quite. Now, I have to wrestle with the inner stuff and work it out. Its crazy how much this journey is about what's in our heads, not just about what we're putting in our bodies. Please don't give up .... stalls come and go. Eventually the all DO go. And time will fly by. You can do this. You have the best tool EVER to help! 
on 4/4/11 4:58 am - PA
VSG on 01/02/13
Thank you so much for this....I'm glad to hear that other people questioned whether they would stick to the lifestyle change.  I'm pre-op and that's one of the things I wrestle with but it helps knowing that others thought the same way!
on 4/4/11 5:01 am
Congrats!!! What was your starting weight/goal weight? You have done GREAT!!!!  Are you exercising? If so, what are you doing?! LOL.. b/c I need to start doing your plan!! You have done AWESOME!
on 4/4/11 6:16 am - CA
VSG on 03/29/11 with
WOW that's really awesome Duffy!! keep it up!! I hope to lose that much in 4 months so far Im only 6 days out and have lst 9bs!!! I hope this continues hahha I know wishful thinking!!! goodluck Duffy and congrats!

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