I am home and sleeved!!!!

on 4/7/11 7:41 am - MN
Well, just got home abouty 30 minutes ago and things went great.  I am not having very much pain, so I am thankful for that.  The surgery and hospital stay went very well.  A lot of fantastic doctors and nurses.  I even had a couple of the nurses want to hear all about the sleeve.  They were very interested in it.
The only bump in the road for me was I had an allergic reaction to either the pain meds or the antibiotic.  Nothing terrible, just very itchy!!!  So they gave me benadryl through the IV and it would knock me out in no time.  My daughters had a fun time with that one.  It took me 20 minutes to go through 5 channels because I kept falling asleep after each channel.  At least we had some good laughs.

I sure hope that everyone else who had surgery on Tuesday  (or any day this week) goes as smooth for them.  This all still seems a little surreal.  I ACTUALLY HAVE MY SLEEVE!!!!  Can't wait to see the numbers start falling!!!

Best Wishes,
on 4/7/11 7:47 am - IA
Congrats!  Hope each day gets better!
on 4/7/11 7:49 am - PA
"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a beautiful butterfly"                                       
on 4/7/11 7:52 am - CA
good for you!! keep us posted on your progress!
on 4/7/11 7:55 am - TX
YAY!!!  I am so happy for you!!  I had the same reaction you did...my fingers even swelled up!!  Glad your home!!  Keep us posted!!
on 4/7/11 8:05 am
I got home too yesterday ;) I too had quite a good experieince really. Just trying today to sip, sip, sip, walk, get in some protien (which is harder than you think), rest. be good to yourself and give yourself time to heal, it's all good!
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on 4/7/11 5:07 pm
VSG on 04/21/11 with
Yay for you! My date is in 2 weeks I am beyond nervous and have considered backing out more than once. Can you give some info on how it went. My surgeon is Mir Ali in Dr. Leports office, will be at Fountain Valley Regional.  Wish you all the best.
on 4/7/11 10:13 am

Glad your surgery went welll....

on 4/7/11 12:49 pm, edited 4/7/11 12:50 pm - MN

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement. You are all such dears on here.

Well, my pain meds are kicking in so I am gonna go find my pillow and snuggle in for the night.

TaTa for now.
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on 4/7/11 7:05 pm - Underwood, ND
I was sleeved on Wednesday and got home yesterday too!  I don't have much pain other than a little on the incision sites, but now I can't keep anything down.  I am so nausous.  When I try to drink water or anything it just comes back up.  I'm trying not to get dehydrated!  UGH!  Have you had this problem Brenda?