liquids - making me sick

on 4/8/11 10:21 am - AZ
I can't get in all my water because after I drink for about 20 minutes (I only get in about 8 ozs in that time), my stomach starts hurting and I feel horribly full. It takes about an hour before I can drink again. Am I doing something wrong?
on 4/8/11 10:23 am
Have you tried flavored waters? For some reason it helps to have flavor (like crystal light or mio) instead of drinking plain water!


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on 4/8/11 10:25 am
After my surgery, my doctor said to sip one ounce every 10 minutes the first few days.  No more than 6-8 ounces an hour.  After a few days I was able to tolerate more, you just have to pay attention to your body.  I did not tolerate cold liquids too well and actually didn't tolerate water until almost 4 weeks out.  Try decaf tea or warm broth. 
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on 4/8/11 1:39 pm - AZ
Thanks.  It's not the flavor, it's the pain it causes. I'm trying room temp water now to see if that helps. I hope so. I am four weeks today so maybe it will get better soon.  I drank decaf tea today and it did the same thing but it was iced.