Activia Desserts?

on 4/11/11 2:44 am - AZ
Has anyone tried these? They are kinda high in carbs but do offer some protein.  I'm just wondering how they taste and if they stay down okay :)
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on 4/11/11 2:49 am - Germantown, MD
 I don't know but that's like 19 grams of sugar going into your body. I try to avoid anything with that much sugar. I'm sure they go down and stay down just fine. If you want protein, greek yogurt mixed with no sugar added fruit preserves may be a better option. By comparison, 7 ounces of Fage Total 2% has 8 grams of sugar and 20 grams of protein. Just add some flavor to it. Early out, it was easy on my tummy.
on 4/11/11 3:09 am - Laurel, MD
I tried and liked it once.  I wont be eating it regularly because of the sugar.


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on 4/11/11 3:17 am - CA
I am pre-op and I have had the blueberry ones. They are much like yogurt, but a little creamier. Pretty tasty, but i agree about the sugar content!
on 4/11/11 3:17 am - AZ
Yah - I know the sugar is high but I don't like yogurt at all and I don't like protein shakes (I've tried them every way) and this is one way I thought I might get more protein in.  We'll see.  At first I thought pudding but there's zero protein in those little suckers!
on 4/11/11 4:19 am
Early out yes, I think they would be a better option for protein than pudding.  Farther along when you can get your protein from different sources, I would skip them. I had them early out. Very tasty but then I was looked at the nutrion content and decided that 6gr of protein is not worth all the carbs and calories.
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