Anyone else getting sleeved April 27th?

on 4/12/11 7:45 am
If so, how are you doing with your pre op diet?  What are you planning to take to the hospital with you?  I am getting a little nervous. 
Michelle T.
on 4/12/11 7:50 am - OH
Hi there!
Click on the community tab and then find go to 'upcoming surgery dates'.
I've met 3 people who have had surgery the same day as I did and it's great knowing there is someone who is going through the exact same thing at the exact same time!
It's great to compare notes and know that what we're feeling is just about the same!
Best of luck on the 27th! :)
m ~
on 4/12/11 8:57 am
Thanks for the tip.  I am not very tech savy and this website has been hard to figure out for me.
on 4/12/11 8:22 am

I am having my surgery the day after you; however, I am traveling to Mexico and will be leaving on the 27th. I am nervous just like you. I can't believe it is two weeks away- YIKES! I keep having crazy surgery dreams. I am not taking much to the hospital with me- loose clothes, chapstick, normal personal items; toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. and my laptop. I will be in Mexico for 4 nights so I don't think I could live without my laptop! I do not have to start my pre op diet until next week Wednesday; however, I de****d to start tomorrow. I only have to do a low carb diet. I have done this before, so it shouldn't be much too hard.

What does your pre op diet consist of? I wish you  the best of luck. I am so excited, but so nervous at the same time! Take care.

on 4/12/11 8:55 am
Two weeks prior to surgery I am suppose to have 2 protein shakes to replace meals.  For dinner I can have lean and green.  That means lean meat and green veggies, no starches.  The no starches part will be hard for me.  I hope I can do it.

Is someone going to Mexico with you?

Good luck
on 4/12/11 12:06 pm

I am confident you can make it through the two week pre op diet. It will be hard, but just stay focused! I work with little kids and they are always bringing me in treats (some of my favorites, candy, cookies, etc.) That is the tempting hard part for me! I am actually travelling to Mexico alone. My family is supportive, but everyone is busy and the trip is expensive with having to purchase a flight and passport. Best of luck with your diet and surgery- wishing you much success!

(deactivated member)
on 4/12/11 8:31 am
I just got a call today that my revision to VSG is going to be on 4/25.   I am excited!!!

I can't wait to get this band out. 

on 4/12/11 8:52 am
I once considered the band, but I changed my mind after reading all the revisions that are going on.  Good luck on your journey with the sleeve!
on 4/12/11 9:43 am - MI
I'll test the waters for you, I go 2 days before you, 4/25

I will be bringing chapstick, personal care stuff, and my iphone, maybe some magazines, but everything I have read on here states that you don't feel like doing anything besides sleep, I plan on using these 2 days as a break from my kids, lol!  I'm going to bring a sports bra and will wear home what I wear in, I'm taking a minimalist approach.

Just finished day 2 of the pre-op diet, I get no lean, just some crunchy green.  I never thought I would love celery and green peppers this much, but its that or 4 protein shakes, you can only have so many shakes....

Good luck!!
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on 4/12/11 9:44 am
Im having surgery 4/27 in Mexico with Dr. Aceves.  I start my pre op on the 17th but I have really been cutting out carbs for the last week.  Also down to 1 diet Dr Pepper a day.  On the 17th I will give that up too.

I think April 27th is going to be a great day!  It is the day I will start taking my life back!
Surgery Date: 4/27/11 Dr. Aceves
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