3 years!!

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Hi - just wanted to stop in and say I am a product of Dr Joya's miracles!!  I am now 3 years out (tomorrow) and have mostly maintained my entire weight loss the whole time!! Oh sure, there have been some weight gains but I have the knowledge and ability to loose it again - remember exercise is VERY important!! 

I have good eating habits but I am human and have fallen off BUT the most I have gained and then relost is 8 pounds!! Not bad for 3 years!!

All you newbies, hang in there! IT DOES WORK!!!

Love my body, love my life (even though I am still single) and have never had sooo much wonderful attention from so many men!!! LOL!!!

I know there are people out there that want to know if it works long term and I am a perfect example and proof that it does!!!!

Good luck everyone!!

Marla Howie
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VSG on 01/06/11 with
Thanks so much for checking in!  It's great to know that you're still successful and doing great with your sleeve.
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Yes.. Truly inspirational, congrats on ur successful 3 yes!
sleeve genie
on 4/10/11 3:17 pm - Alhambra, CA
Wow,  good job you,  thanks for sharing that with us.  It's always nice to hear from long timers.
  :o) Jeani
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So very happy for you.  It is wonderful when folks like you come back and let us in the process of losing know how you are doing.  It brings hope and inspiration!  Congratulations on your 3 year mark!!!
on 4/10/11 11:37 pm
Thanks for the posting!  Good to hear from someone so far out!
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on 4/11/11 12:17 am
way to go!
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 wonderful. great job! my question for u is, did ur weight plateau or are u able to lose more if u like? just wondering. my Dr. told me that after another year my body will plateau hence not losing anymore weight. so I have 1 1/2 yrs to lose what I need to lose or that would be basically it. 

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Hi!!  Thanks for reading!!

Yes, I hit many plateaus but changed things up and lost more - the lowest I got was 144 but people say I look too thin and "old" - I like to be around 149/150 so that is where I usually stay. As I said, I am currently at 154 but now have the tools to re lose the weight but have NEVER lost complete control because the wonderful sleeve prevents me from over eating!!  I do watch what I eat though and usually treat myself on the weekends!!

Up your exercise and water intake if you do plateau!!!

Keep up the good work!!