At long last I have a date!

on 5/9/11 7:09 pm - VA

Although I'm still on my third appeal, I've decided to go ahead and get 'er done.  June 6, 2011!

I'm told by the Office of Personnel Management (the appeal authority for BCBS Federal) that if my appeal is successful, I can get reimbursed afterwards.  It's unnerving though, because every time I talk to them I feel like I get a different answer, and of course nothing is in writing.  I just feel like after so many denials and appeals and stupid office staff tricks that I have to take charge or I'll lose my marbles completely. 

I've finally picked a surgeon near home, at my husband's request.  I like him and his office staff.  They are organized and kind and competent.  I think I'm in good hands!

So between now and then I have to get my CPAP (tomorrow), get an endoscopy (Friday), get my medical clearance (blood test and EKG), and have my pre-op consult where I fork over $17,800.   At least I can list my hurdles on one hand.

It's been so long that I've been working on this (10 months since my first seminar) that I'm not sure I really believe it's going to happen, but I'm acting as if it will.  I even joined a gym yesterday! 

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Vicki J.
on 5/9/11 10:07 pm - VA
I have BCBS Federal as well.  My surgeon's office should have turned in the paperwork to them by now so I'm waiting (im)patiently to hear whether or not I will be approved.  I see you're in VA - I am too!  Where are you?  I'm in the Hampton Roads area...

Good luck on your appeal being approved and good luck with your surgery!!!!!

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on 5/9/11 10:35 pm - VA
Thanks!  I'm in northern VA near DC.  All the best of luck with your insurance coverage!!
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on 5/9/11 10:59 pm - Atlanta, GA
I'm a federal employee also, but with Aetna. However, a friend of mine used BCBS and was approved, so take heart. Best of luck to you!